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Merrimac Classrooms Promote Social Emotional Learning

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Social Emotional Learning is an integral part of learning and culture in the Sachem Central School District. As bulletin boards are the billboards of classrooms and hallways, Merrimac Elementary School teachers Danielle Sicari, Allison Dassau, Daniel Celentano and Kim Harvey created boards that foster SEL learning. These boards have positive affirmations and quotes on them to help students through a successful day. Students can use the boards as a tool to self-reflect, control and recognize emotions and remind themselves who they are – brave, kind, loving, smart and strong individuals.

Additionally, Merrimac teachers are using spaces in their classroom to support students. In Danielle Sicari’s class, if students feel emotions that are difficult to process in large group settings, they can take a break in the “peaceful place.” This is a safe, controlled and quiet area in the classroom. It gives students the opportunity to initiate the experience and self-regulate independently.

Date Added: 11/8/2022