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Sensory Walks Promote Autism Acceptance

Students at both Waverly and Wenonah thumbnail257622

Sachem is celebrating Autism Acceptance Month throughout April and several buildings held integration events to raise awareness, celebrate differences and promote inclusivity.

On April 16, Wenonah Elementary School held its first Wenonah Walk, an outdoor, schoolwide sensory event. Students in special education classes were paired with their same-age peers to participate in sensory-based stations including a relay walk, bubbles, dance party, parachute games, chalk the walk and a sensory path. Each group of students rotated through the stations while interacting with each other. Ahead of the Wenonah Walk, students learned about autism and created posters of influential individuals with autism to hang throughout the halls.

Similarly, at Waverly Elementary School, fifth grade peer buddies educated the school community about autism. They pushed into classrooms to read the book, “All My Stripes,” then gave a presentation which included tips on how to be a good friend. The classroom visits ended with an art activity where students colored in puzzle pieces to be displayed in the lobby.

Waverly Elementary School held its sensory walk for all students on April 19. Students experienced a variety of stations including sensory tables and boards, bubbles, water activities, Play-Doh and bounce hopper balls.

Students at both Waverly and Wenonah were excited to step outside of the classroom for their respective sensory walks. They engaged their five senses while self-regulating during a fun, new event that brought both school communities together.

Click here to view the Waverly photo slideshow.

Click here to view the Wenonah photo slideshow.

Date Added: 4/19/2024