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Solar Eclipse Tips from Sagamore Students

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middle school students thumbnail257072

Five students at Sagamore Middle School presented to the Board of Education and administrators about the upcoming solar eclipse on April 8. Maxwell Benimoff, Jack Kelleher, Howard Dickson, Dmytro Vorobets and Nathan Check offered some tips about viewing the eclipse in a safe way.

Leading up to April 8, they sold eclipse glasses to benefit the Sagamore student government.

“With a solar eclipse, if you look at it without the glasses, you could go blind from burning your eye,” said Howard.

Their presentation also explained how traffic could impact safety on April 8, urging others to be extra cautious.

“The amount of traffic on the roads is unsafe. People are distracted, looking up at the eclipse, which plays into the safety of it,” said Jack.

The presentation was part of the students’ Seal of Civic Readiness Project. Due to the district having two additional snow days built into the school calendar that weren’t used, the district has chosen April 8 and May 28 as nonattendance days.

Date Added: 4/5/2024