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Smith Haven Mall Field Study

Group photo of students sitting in the center of the Smith Haven Mall. thumbnail255606
Students sitting in the cafeteria of the Smith Haven Mall. thumbnail255607
Students in Mr. Jannace’s AP human geography classes at High School East visited the Smith Haven Mall to conduct a field study of the cultural landscape.

Jillian Friello, Director of Marketing and Business Development at the Smith Haven Mall, and former student of Mr. Jannace, helped students practice this geographic process and refined their understanding of the concepts of region, place, culture and economic geography. Students conducted observations that forced them to analyze and think critically about why things are where they are. Our Sachem graduate director and “tour guide” also taught students to focus on analyzing the dispersion, density and patterns of stores, as well as the people and facilities within the mall.

The purpose of this type of spatial analysis is to develop a better understanding of the concepts of place, region and cultural landscape, which are critical concepts for student-geographers to master before the AP exam in May. Mrs. Melandro and Mrs. Gearns reinforce these concepts, along with writing skills, in their humanities research co-requisite course. The students also had a great time in the mall, experiencing a familiar place in a whole new way!

Date Added: 2/28/2024