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North Student to Attend Villanova on Full Scholarship

Sachem High School North senior Ryan DeSimone thumbnail256933
Sachem High School North senior Ryan DeSimone thumbnail256934
Sachem High School North senior Ryan DeSimone is off to Villanova University this fall on a full scholarship. Ryan earned the Presidential Scholarship after a rigorous selection and interview process.

The Presidential Scholars Program looks to recruit and support student-leaders who have a passion for learning and a commitment to serving their local community, as well as the broader civic community. There is no GPA requirement, however, the program draws academic and civic leaders who are actively engaged in learning both inside and out of the classroom.

Ryan was first nominated for the program, then had to submit a meticulous application. Those who are selected as finalists then participate in an on-campus interview program. Nearly 2,000 nominations are submitted each year for the scholarship with only 25 students being selected.

Date Added: 4/2/2024