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Seneca Students Compose Children’s Books

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Sixth grade classes at Seneca Middle School have been working with librarian Ms. Estevez Creedon on the writing process. Ms. Creedon conducted several lessons on writing picture books. Throughout these lessons, students planned, wrote, illustrated and published their very own children's picture books. Ms. Estevez Creedon started by introducing the students to a variety of illustrated children's books, allowing them to gain a deeper understanding of the creative process and the elements that contribute to a successful story.

Next, the students used graphic organizers to brainstorm ideas for their own stories. They focused on developing compelling characters, interesting settings and engaging conflicts. To further enhance their storytelling skills, the students presented their story ideas to their peers and received valuable feedback, which they incorporated into their writing process.

Finally, many of the students had the incredible opportunity to present their completed picture books to a group of preschoolers. This not only allowed the sixth graders to showcase their hard work but also provided them with a real-life audience to engage with. The preschoolers were captivated by the stories and illustrations, and the students felt a great sense of accomplishment and pride. Some of the sixth graders will also have the opportunity to present virtually to the kindergartners in the elementary schools.

Date Added: 6/6/2024