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Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Four photos of students during Breast Cancer Awareness Month thumbnail229591

Throughout the month of October, the Sachem Central School District supported Breast Cancer Awareness Month through initiatives, activities and fundraisers. Students and staff educated themselves and their school communities about the impact of breast cancer and how to promote awareness.

Grundy Avenue and Tamarac Elementary Schools held their own “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer” walks during the school day. Students and staff walked outside of their respective buildings while dressed in pink. The active display of support brought together the school community for a good cause.

At Lynwood Avenue Elementary School, students decorated awareness ribbons to display in the building. The ribbons honor family members and friends who have been affected by breast cancer. Students were excited to create an honor wall as a display of support.

Many buildings held days for students and staff to wear pink. These efforts united the Sachem school community while recognizing an important cause.

Date Added: 11/2/2022