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Sagamore Middle School

57 Division Street                            
Holtsville, NY 11742                             
Phone: (631) 696 - 8600

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Principal: Frank Panasci
Assistant Principals: Donna Gregory and John Galligan


Staff Directory

Sagamore's Calendar of Club Meetings and Other Events

Sachem's 2018-19 Calendar Summary


Daily Announcements

For Students in 8th Grade 8th to 9th Grade Programming Letter

For Students in 7th Grade - 7th to 8th Grade Programming Letter

For Students in 6th Grade - 6th to 7th Grade Programming Letter

Dates to Note:

Thursday, January 10
Grade 8 Band/Orchestra/Chorus
-Visit to East
~8:30-10:30 AM

Tuesday, January 15
Teens as Teachers- Session #3
(Adjusted Date)
-HS to Grade 6 Mentoring
-Health/Wellness Discussions
-Period 2 Grade 6 Classes

Monday, January 21
Martin Luther King Junior Day
-Schools Closed

Tuesday, January 22
Season 3 Sports Begin

Instructions for Paying for Field Trips on PaySchools
The easiest way is to use the PaySchools App on your phone.  
You can also choose to use a computer and log in to

Once you are in PaySchools, select your child’s name.  Scroll down to where you see “Fees.”   

By Fees, click “Optional” and not “Assigned” fees, since field trips are optional.

Click the “Up Arrow” which looks like   ^

When you click the “Up Arrow,” it changes to an arrow pointing down, and any trips offered will appear. 

Click on the trip and then click “Add to Cart,” and the fee will go to your cart.

If you need additional help, call the PaySchools help line at 1 (877) 383-6628 


Sagamore 7th Grade Field Trip Registration & Permission Slip

Chelsea Piers - New York City Monday, May 20th, 2019
All 7th grade students are invited to attend a field trip to Manhattan's Chelsea Piers Field House.  This experience is a great chance for students to challenge themselves and have an amazing day with the whole 7th grade!

Online Registration had to be completed before December 21, 2018.   Payment was NOT due at the time of registration, but we need to have a head count to reserve everything.  The cost of the trip will be $138.00 which includes coach bus transportation, all activities, $5 arcade card, lunch and a T-Shirt.    

Payment this year will  be accepted using the "PaySchools" online payment system to collect payments.   Payment will be received between January 1st 2019 and January 31st 2019.  The link to pay will be e-mailed to you by early January at the e-mail address you provided in the online form.   Payment will be due by January 31st, 2019.  


Yearbooks are on sale now.   Click here to purchase your yearbook!


The Authors and Artists Club is running a fundraiser to pay for writing and arts contest prizes.  Please take a look at the products on sale. Sagamore's Code is 52108.  You can list yourself as the seller in order to get prizes, or you can credit as friend who is in the club.  Thank you for your support!


The Sixth Grade Field Trip is in June, but please turn in your permission slip as soon as possible.


The Authors and Artists Club is looking for writers, artists, and other creative people.  Join us now on Google Classroom using the classroom code mr3gy20 for updates and activities.  Please visit the Authors and Artists Club website.  You can also get notifications by texting @sagnews to 81010.


Breakfast Pass Information
The attached form needs to be filled out and returned to the AP Office to participate in the Sagamore Breakfast program.  Students will be provided a pass for the bus driver and cafeteria supervisors once the form has been submitted. 
Breakfast Pass Permission Slip 


Bus Routes

Regular AM/PM Bus Routes and Stops will be available for each student on the Parent Portal.  The After School (3:30/4:45 PM) Club and Sports Bus Routes and Stops are listed in the attached file.  These buses line up on the side of the building.  The After School Buses are only for students who have attended a supervised after school activity (extra help, club, sport).  Students are not allowed to use these buses after attending a sporting event as a spectator or visiting with a friend. 


Free Homework Help at the Sachem Public Library

Ayuda gratuita a la tarea en la biblioteca pública de Sachem




Sagamore Against School Violence


We ARE SACHEM…We are family! Let’s stand together, fight together and


Enough is Enough…spread the word!!!


pledge of kindness


In the News

An Interview with the Courtyard/Environmental Club

By Sana Zahid, 8th grade

The Courtyard/Environmental Club brings together people who want to help improve the environment. Helping clean the courtyard, decorating the courtyard, and running the recycling programs at Sagamore are just some of the things they take part in. Not only does the club provide a great opportunity to make a difference, it also brings people together and provides memorable experiences. I interviewed the club, and these were some of the responses by members:  

What made you start the club?

“I was very upset because our school building didn’t have a recycling program. Recycling is a really important part of the environment. When Sequoya joined Sagamore, they had an environmental club and when the director recycled I wanted to take over”.
 -Mrs. Grant Director of Environmental Club.  

Why did you join the club?

“I like helping the environment and hanging out with my friends.”
-Mateo Capraro

Why did you join the club?

“Mrs. Grant is fun to hang out with and I like helping the animals.”
-Dylan Conelli

What do you like to do in the club?

“I like to help the environment and hangout with my friends.”
-Samuel Cheng

How many years have you been in the club and what made you stay?

“I stayed in the club for three years because I like helping the environment, and the small group of people make it better.”
-Arrdah Zaman

Holiday Greetings

The Authors and Artists Club at Sagamore Middle School wrote cheerful messages of gratitude on over 1,000 Christmas cards for recovering soldiers at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. The Marchitto family gave the club a giant head start with over 200 cards completed at home.


Upcoming Events