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Nokomis Elementary School

151 Holbrook Road
Holbrook, NY 11741
Phone:  (631)-471-1840
Fax:  (631)-467-3894
Denise Kleinman, Principal
Tara Erb, Principal's Aide


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2018-2019 Supply Lists (updated 7/12/18)


Nokomis Educational Goals
Goal # 1—To improve student success and achievement in levels
K-5 using various forms of formative and summative assessment.
Goal # 2—Build a climate of personal competency for every student.
Goal # 3—To work together for individual excellence and positive self-esteem.




In the News

Students Take Steps Toward a Healthy Heart

Students Take Steps Toward a Healthy Heart photo
As part of the American Heart Association’s Kids Heart Challenge, students at Nokomis Elementary School have been learning heart-healthy habits and implementing them through exercise.

Before school, students recently attended a one-day program where they engaged in heart-healthy exercises and games that elevated students’ heart rates and taught them about the importance of exercise.  

As part of the initiative, during gym classes students will continue to learn more about the importance of exercise and how to take care of their heart. 
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