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Full day of school: Thursday, June 21st

hiawatha_muralHiawatha Elementary School

97 Patchogue-Holbrook Road
Lake Ronkonkoma, NY 11779
Principal: Ms. Kathleen O'Farrell
Principal's Aide: Lori Onesto
Phone: (631) 471-1830
Fax: (631) 467-3861

School Hours: 9:15 am -3:15 pm

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Hiawatha staff, parents, and community members is to ensure the development of a
wholesome and contributing member of society who has the zest
and skills for a lifelong learning. This will be achieved by a motivated team of adults
and children working in a nurturing safe environment using a relevant
and comprehensive curriculum.



In the News

Future Aspirations Shine Bright at Hiawatha Elementary

Future Aspirations Shine Bright at Hiawatha Elementary photo
Future Aspirations Shine Bright at Hiawatha Elementary photo 2
Future Aspirations Shine Bright at Hiawatha Elementary photo 3
It was a glimpse into a bright future for first-graders at Hiawatha Elementary School when they took the stage dressed in outfits signifying careers they aspire to have in the future.

Representing a vast number of professions, each first-grade student delivered a brief presentation to the crowd about the job they wish to have in the future. The careers chosen by the students included baseball players, construction workers, chefs, detectives, doctors, police officers, nurses, teachers and veterinarians. 

The event served as an engaging activity that coincided with the first-grade unit on careers. As part of the unit, students created their first résumé and researched the different careers that interested them. 


Mad Science Workshop Wows Hiawatha Students

Mad Science Workshop Wows Hiawatha Students photo

Hiawatha Elementary School fourth- and fifth-grade students explored the many wonders of science by creating crafty chemical concoctions during a workshop presented by Mad Science.

With the help of guest speaker Xenon Zach, students took part in experiments that tested different properties of chemicals. They learned about substances that are hydrophilic and are attracted to water as well as substances that are hydrophobic and repel water. Student groups participated in an experiment that showcased the hydrophobic properties of certain chemicals by pouring hydrophobic sand on top of water and gently putting their finger into the sand layer without getting wet. As part of an additional experiment highlighting the unique properties of various chemicals, students created colorful art using shaving cream and water-based paints. Shaving cream is both a hydrophobic and hydrophilic substance that absorbed and rejected the various colors that were then swirled in circles, creating vibrant artwork.      

Throughout the activity Xenon shared helpful tips with students so that they can recreate similar experiments at home with everyday household items. 


Student Expedition Shines Light on Historic Landmark

Student Expedition Shines Light on Historic Landmark photo
Sand and sun were plentiful for fourth-grade students at Hiawatha Elementary School during a recent trip to the Fire Island Lighthouse, where students explored various areas of the historic landmark. 

During the enriching adventure, students learned about important areas surrounding the lighthouse such as the shoreline and its ecosystem. As part of the visit, students, teachers, parents and Principal Kathleen O’Farrell climbed to the top of the lighthouse to experience the wonderful view and learn how light refraction influences the beam from the lighthouse’s lamp.  

The trip served as an excellent hands-on connection to the fourth-grade unit on the history of New York. 

Hiawatha Holds Inaugural Autism Awareness Walk

Hiawatha Holds Inaugural Autism Awareness Walk photo
Students and staff showcased their support for a worthy cause during Hiawatha Elementary School’s inaugural Autism Awareness Walk. 

Throughout the month of April, students celebrated autism awareness by participating in multiple interactive activities during the week leading up to the walk. Students decorated puzzle pieces, wore blue on Thursday and listened to daily facts about autism on the morning announcements each day. A sea of students dressed in blue circled the building in a show of collective support. Each class held a banner that was decorated with puzzle pieces and words of encouragement. 

Moving forward, Hiawatha Elementary plans to make the walk a tradition that continues to raise awareness for the cause. 

‘Frozen’ Faces Depict History for Hiawatha Students

‘Frozen’ Faces Depict History for Hiawatha Students photo

Prominent figures stood suspended in time throughout the gymnasium of Hiawatha Elementary School, as second-grade students dressed up like historical role models for the 10th annual Hiawatha Wax Museum.

Students incorporated various props into their displays, such as posters and short informational essays filled with facts about the person they chose to portray. As the second-graders remained frozen in their poses, students throughout the building had the opportunity to walk through the wax museum. Parents also visited and learned about the many significant people from history the students represented. 

The “wax” figures included Susan B. Anthony, Neil Armstrong, Albert Einstein, Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, Barack Obama and George Washington, among many others. 

The annual wax museum aligns with the nonfiction genre studies element of the English language arts curriculum, in which students choose biographies of historical figures to research.