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Middle School Musicians Share Experience

Middle School Musicians Share Experience photo
Middle School Musicians Share Experience photo 2
Seneca Middle School music students shared their performance experience with fifth-grade musicians from Grundy Avenue, Merrimac, Nokomis and Tamarac Elementary Schools during the annual moving-up music visit. 

The visit was an opportunity for elementary students to become better acclimated to the various experiences they will encounter while practicing and performing on the middle school level. The fifth-grade students were able to ask the middle school musicians questions about their experience, including when they received their instruments, what extra music opportunities are available to them and how lessons are taught in a large group setting. 

Following the opportunity for questions, band and orchestra students separated into their respective ensembles for a large group performance that joined middle and elementary school students together. The band performed “The Great Gate of Kiev” by Modest Mussorgsky and the orchestra performed “Dragon Slayer” by Rob Grice.

Each Sachem middle school welcomes students from its feeder elementary schools for a similar music experience each year. 

Tamarac Student Takes a Duck to Class

Tamarac Student Takes a Duck to Class photo
Tamarac Student Takes a Duck to Class photo 2
Tamarac Student Takes a Duck to Class photo 3
In celebration of fifth-grade student Jacob Rubbo being named a TD Bank “Take a Duck to Class” essay contest, Tamarac Elementary School was visited by the Long Island Ducks for a special program. 

As part of the contest, students across Long Island were challenged to write an essay about a hero in their community. Jacob chose to write about a close family friend and President of the Spectrum of Dreams Foundation Tim Szlosek. After his son Shane was diagnosed with autism, Mr. Szlosek started the nonprofit organization to help children with special needs acquire the financial resources necessary to enhance their quality of life. Jacob’s essay earned the attention of the contest judges, as he chose to recognize an unconventional type of hometown hero. 

“Tim made the Spectrum of Dreams Foundation because he wants to help kids like Shane get the resources they need,” Jacob wrote in his essay. “He did something very nice and helpful for kids with autism. I am so happy to know such an amazing person.”

To begin the assembly, all Tamarac students filled the gymnasium to celebrate Jacob’s accomplishment. Following praise from Principal Michael Saidens, Jacob read his essay aloud to the audience of his peers before being presented with a Visa gift card by TD Bank Vice President of U.S. Field Marketing Strategy Eric Fishon and TD Bank Lake Ronkonkoma store manager Ed Pesapane. 

Concluding the visit, Jacob and his classmates enjoyed a game of Wiffle ball with Ducks mascot QuackerJack and the Ducks Street Team.


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