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Sachem High School East

177 Granny Road,
Farmingville, N.Y. 11738
Principal: Mr. L. Antonetti
Assistant Principals: Mrs. B. Almendarez-DeBello, Mr. J. CariddiMrs. L. Johnson and Mr. A. Larson
Phone: (631) 716-8200



The mission of the Sachem High School East community is to educate and graduate young adults who achieve personal excellence through the principles of respect, recognition, responsibility, opportunity, belonging, and security.

Daily Announcements

Thursday, 11/15/18 - B Day

Today's Project Happiness theme is Thoughtful Thursday. In a world where you can be anything, be kind.

All Teens as Teachers members please remember to purchase your t-shirt for our trip to Sagamore on Monday, November 19th.

All SADD club members should bring donations or donation information to Mrs. Broderick by Tuesday, November 20th. Thank you. Please see Mrs. Broderick if you missed the last meeting. Our next meeting is Tuesday, November 27 in Room A117 during period 9.

The library will be closed on today periods 1-9. Sportsfolio students should report to their gym classes.

There will be meeting of the Science National Honor Society today, November 15th during 9th period for all present members and all 11th and 12th graders who are interested in applying for membership. Applications will be available at that time. The meeting will be held in the Auditorium...please sit in the back center section.

Attention All Seniors going on the Senior Trip!! You must be registered online with Gerber Tours for the senior trip by Thanksgiving, November 22nd. Please pick up packet in room A237 and make sure you sign up for the trip online. You do not want to be left behind at Sachem East when everyone is riding rollercoasters at Bush Gardens. See Mr. Dobbins, Mr. Lemke, Miss Stein or Mr. Haliasz with any questions.

There will be a mandatory Girls lacrosse meeting today during 9th period in the main Gym. Please make every effort to attend.

This is a reminder that the application and teacher recommendation for the Foreign Language Honor Society are due by Friday, November 16th. After 11:59 pm the website will no longer accept submissions.

All Volunteer Club members will meet today after school in B221 to make inspirational candy bags and go over Pancakes for Parkinson's. All must attend.

The Writing Center will be open TODAY and FRIDAY in Room A338.

The Music Production Club will meet after school today in room C181.

All Teens as Teachers members please remember to purchase your t-shirt for our trip to Sagamore on Monday, November 19th.

All SADD club members should bring donations or donation information to Mrs. Broderick by Tuesday, November 20th. Thank you. Please see Mrs. Broderick if you missed the last meeting. Our next meeting is Tuesday, November 27 in Room A117 during period 9.

Hilltop Herald - 2018-2019 Edition

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10 Reasons to Volunteer



1. Make a difference.
Volunteering is about giving back. With a team of like-minded people by your side, you’ll get the chance to be a part of something bigger than yourself: to immerse yourself in different experiences, to instigate change at a grassroots level and along the way, to gain new perspective.
2. Change a life.
We believe the most beneficial thing we can do is to give people opportunities, not handouts. With us, you will lay the foundations of durable change and improvement in the lives of the communities you work with.
3. Give back to the causes most meaningful to you.
Pick your volunteer work based on what inspires you most. Whether it’s animal conservation, primary education, or construction work, you will create positive change in the world.
4. Gain a new perspective.
As the saying goes, “life begins at the end of your comfort-zone”. We come from extremely privileged countries in terms of both opportunities and amenities, and often do not realize the hardships others endure. You will be amazed how much you can take away from a summer volunteer experience and how it allows you to see the world in a different way.
5. Make a real connection.
Volunteering means you’ll have the chance to work alongside people from all over the country and make life-long friendships!


6. Real-world experience.
Releasing baby turtles, teaching English in underprivileged primary schools, laying foundations and building houses, preparing lunch for up to 100 children, cleaning crocodile enclosures, refurbishing classrooms, making enrichment toys for elephants… talk about real-world experience! You will bring home skills you never even knew existed!
7. Learn new skills.
Volunteering abroad is eye-opening, and the perfect opportunity to challenge yourself: you’ll learn to problem-solve, work with a team, be resourceful and adapt to life in an unfamiliar environment. These are skills that will benefit you for the rest of your life, no matter what field of work you chose.
8. Boost your resume for college applications.
As a general rule, recruiters look out for people with community involvement. It helps to create a positive impression, makes you more innovative, creative and gives you a range of useful skills. More importantly, college recruiters look at community involvement from students as a demonstration of leadership.
9. It's fun!
Volunteer work can be demanding, but it’s also a whole lot of fun!
10. Start Today:

(by Vesabroad)


In the News

Science Research Student Presents at Distinguished Conference

Science Research Student Presents at Distinguished Conference photo
Sachem High School East science research student Vincent Zhang was recently selected to present his research at the 2018 Materials Research Society Conference in Boston on Nov.29.

The MRS Fall Meeting and Exhibit serves as a key forum to present research to an interdisciplinary and international audience. Vincent’s work, “The Influence of Exposure to TiO2 Nanoparticles on Staphylococcus Aureus Infection,” addresses the health issues related to nanoparticles found in our environment.

“Vincent is an outstanding research student,” said High School East Science Research teacher Michael Vaccariello. "With the exception of publishing research in a scientific journal, presenting work at a professional conference is the highest goal for any high school science research student." 

Last year, Vincent presented his research on a study to identify gray matter lesions in the subcortical structures of the human brain brought on by multiple sclerosis. He is formalizing this work to submit to the 2019 Regeneron Science Talent Search.

Special Programs Teach Student Safety

Special Programs Teach Student Safety photo
Special Programs Teach Student Safety photo 2
Special Programs Teach Student Safety photo 3
Special Programs Teach Student Safety photo 4
Students at Sachem High School East recently attended special programs spanning a variety of speakers and experiences as part of National Teen Driver Safety Week.  

On Monday, Oct.22, a member of the Empower, Assist, Care Network discussed with all health classes numerous ways to stay safe as a driver. On Tuesday, Oct. 23, Marianne Angelillo came to High School East to speak with health classes and the Students Against Destructive Decisions club about her son’s death in a drunk driving crash. Suffolk County Deputy Sheriff Tom Indence and Deputy Sheriff Philip Doukas also visited each health class to discuss driving under the influence. Students learned the dangerous effects alcohol has on the central nervous system by wearing alcohol-impairment goggles and performing simple tasks. In addition, Isai Fuentes from Mothers Against Drunk Driving came to High School East to present the Power of Youth program, which encourages students to be safe and empowers them to make good decisions.  

Through the efforts of these individuals and agencies, students learned useful tips to remain safe within a vehicle as a passenger and while driving. 

Sachem Student Attends Prestigious Science Conference

Sachem Student Attends Prestigious Science Conference photo
This past June, Sachem High School East senior Eram Alam attended the National Leadership Academy’s prestigious Congress of Future Science and Technology Leaders in Boston, Massachusetts. 

Students selected to attend the conference are recommended by their teacher or guidance counselor for leadership ability, academic achievement and dedication to science and technology while also holding a GPA of 3.5 or above. 

Eram is enrolled in numerous Advanced Placement classes and is a member of Student Government, the treasurer of the Diversity Club and the vice president of the National Honor Society. 

The three-day conference includes a collection of seminars lead by Nobel Prize winners and industry-leading inventors. The annual event draws more than 1,000 students from across the country and showcases several captivating technological advancements. 

Sachem Students Named AP Scholars

Sachem Students Named AP Scholars photo
The College Board recently recognized 126 Sachem High School students as Advanced Placement Scholars for their extraordinary performance on Advanced Placement Program exams. 

The College Board’s Advanced Placement Program offers academically excelling students an opportunity to enroll in college-level courses while still in high school to earn college credit. The College Board recognizes varying levels of achievement based on students’ performance on the course exams. 

At Sachem High School East, 25 students were recognized as AP Scholars, receiving a score of 3 or higher on three or more AP exams. These students were Emily Allingham, Sophia Antonelle, Diana Atoian, Samantha Autar, Samaa Baig, Kristen Bashen, Nicholas Corvi, Lauren Faust, Jocelyn Fisher, Rebecca Grunski, Victoria Hyl, Jared Jackson, Ryan Kinsella, Kayla Krempasky, Caitlin MacDermott, Nicholas Mulieri, Michael Mullen, Rachel Sauer, Abigail SeMonte, Danielle Spak, Maira Suleman, Nicholas Traina, Isha Trivedi, Aaron Ullger and Julianna Viola.

Attaining an average score of at least 3.25 on all AP exams taken and scores of 3 or higher on four or more of these exams, 14 students from High School East were named AP Scholars with Honor. These students include Jessica Cormier, Amira Farag, William Gavin, Gwendlyne Guido, Lana Ho, Winnie Lam, Thomas Marks, Vincent Marzitello, William Monderine, Dylan Lenin Santos, Miranda Seely, Alexa Storzinger, Celia Toral and Alfredo Viera. 

Twenty-three students from High School East were recognized as AP Scholars with Distinction for achieving an average score of at least 3.5 on all AP exams taken and scores of 3 or higher on five or more of these exams. Students who received this honor are Eram Alam, Nicholas Alonzo, Valentina Arrieta, Ulfeen Ayevan, Rohan Bapat, Emma Berk, Mibitha Biju, Luke Burk, Alyssa Cortes, Tanay Karnik, Ryan Kennedy, Ian Limjoco, Alyssa Mei, Julianna Mercado, Yash Pande, Nicholas Sanacore, Jennifer Seibert, Jeffery Shaffar, Nicholas Smith, Joseph Tan, Sean Tierney, Joseph Traina and Vincent Zhang. 

Earning the highest honor presented to an AP Scholar was Vincent Zhang. He was named a National AP Scholar for receiving an average score of at least 4 on all AP exams taken and scores of 4 or higher on eight or more of these exams.  

In addition, Sachem High School North boasts 26 AP Scholars. These students are Nicholas Ambrosino, Zaria Brathwaite, Nishkreencha Chowdhury, Megan Cooke, Madison Eaton, Dylan Flaxman, Daniel Gernert, Emily Ingraffia, Hannah Kimura, Isabella Lorenzo, Carmine Lucidi, Matthew Lucyk, Allison Marvelli, Patrick Melfi, Christopher Moriarty, Erin Netuschil, Alper Ozdemir, Connor Perron, Sahana Ramrakhiani, Andrea Rodas, Marissa Sheldon, Christian Stilwagen, Christopher Ventre, Samantha Weckesser, Angela Zheng and Tyler Ziems. 

Twenty-one students receiving recognition as an AP Scholar with Honor from High School North are Raymond Calascibetta, Christopher Duong, Amber Farruggio, Emily Gelardi, Paeton Hartmann, Catherine Houston, Hui Fang Huang, Christopher Korth, Deirdre McBreen, Daniel Mckay, Emily Papazian, Mariana Perron, Isabella-Ros Quaranta, Emily Rowan, Sofia Sangiorgio, Rachael Severino, William Sexton, Ustav Shah, Sofia Vallecillo, Nicholas Wodzenski and Emma Zanfardino.  

Being recognized as AP Scholars with Distinction are 16 High School North students, including Corinne Amato, Erin Avanzato, Adam Barker, Albert-Alexi Bregonia, Amy DeLury, Christopher Dibenedetto, Casey Fox, Chris George, Masi Kinare, Miguel Maramara, Carmine Passarella, Drew Racz, Taylor Rijos, Maximiliano Rinaldi, Nicholas Sexton and Natalie Sill.

Last year, 193 graduating seniors from Sachem High Schools were recognized at various levels as AP Scholars. 

Industry Expert Lends Insight to Future Business Leaders

Industry Expert Lends Insight to Future Business Leaders photo
Mission, vision and value were a few key components emphasized during a recent innovative business workshop at Sachem High School East led by Dr. Robert Valli, dean for the School of Business at LIU Post. 

Students in Keith McCaffery’s Virtual Enterprise class attended an inspiring presentation that provided assistance for students in the development of innovative business ideas for this year’s Virtual Enterprise competition. The yearlong Virtual Enterprise class teaches upperclassmen valuable business skills as they navigate each aspect of a complete business plan. Throughout the year, the simulated student businesses will compete with other student groups from across Long Island, New York State, the United States and internationally at a plethora of competitions throughout the school year. 

Dr. Valli emphatically spoke to students about the importance of adapting to adversity quickly, how to effectively and efficiently utilize available resources and how to create connections between varying industries to benefit your business. 

As the workshop came to a close, Dr. Valli reiterated the importance of creating a business team consisting of asymmetrical collaborations to optimize brainstorming while developing business concepts and ideas. 

To begin the competition season, students will participate in the 2018 National Elevator Pitch Competition, which will be held this October. 


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