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Sagamore Guidance Department

guidance contact



Counseling Services: On-line Services for Parents/Students


6th Grade Counselor

Mr. Dan Zilberstein     

(631) 696 - 8600   Ext. 3



7th Grade Counselor

Ms. Jennifer Jargo    

(631) 696 - 8600    Ext. 3

8th Grade Counselor

Mrs. Sabrina Sorrentino   

(631) 696 - 8600   Ext. 3



Dr. Scott Dohrman

(631) 696 - 8600   Ext. 3937

Social Worker

Mrs. Jennifer Romanski

(631) 696 - 8600   Ext. 3936

Student Assistance Counselor

Ms. Melissa Bennett

(631) 696 - 8600   Ext. 3

Guidance Secretary

Mrs. Jane Riker

(631) 696 - 8600   Ext. 3

Free Homework Help at the Sachem Public Library.

Ayuda gratuita a la tarea en la biblioteca pública de Sachem.



In the News

Congrats to Sagamore's Published Poets!

Four talented 8th graders at Sagamore have been selected for publication in the Young Writers' Association's 2020 poetry anthology.  The theme for the poems is "Through Their Eyes," and the poems express a unique perspective on an event.  Gianna Erbis is publishing "American Revolution," Rebecca Wagonfeld is publishing "The Book," Alexia Dutton is publishing "Counting Down," and Emma Santos is publishing "Displaced."  Sagamore is very proud of our outstanding writers.  

Sagamore, from the Eyes of a New Student by Edwin Andrade Cabrera (7th grade)

Even though this is an unusual school year, I am really glad that I moved from Mastic and I now attend Sagamore Middle School.  The reason why I love Sagamore is because I like all my teachers, and they are very nice to me. My favorite subjects are math and English class. I also like the food and the creativity on the walls. 

My most favorite part of school is everything. I like all the classrooms because they have a lot of detail. My favorite room is the English room, because it has some nice decorations in the back of the room. All of these things are really nice about Sagamore, and I’m so glad I moved here.

Sagamore Clubs! by Samantha Kouba (7th Grade)

Although school is very different because of Covid-19, Sagamore is still holding  clubs! There are so many clubs like Yearbook Club, Authors and Artists, Couch to 5k, Buddies Club, Diversity, and more. 

There are so many fun and interesting clubs like the Critter Club where they bring in different animals. Sometimes shelter owners or co-workers will come in and talk to you about their shelter and bring in an animal. Drama is also a lot of fun. First you try out to be in the show, and then if you get selected, you practice for multiple months. In the past they have done productions like The Lion King, Legally Blonde and more. Last year they were meant to perform Frozen, but then couldn’t because of Covid-19, so they will let 6th graders audition and continue Frozen this year. If you don't want to be on stage but you want to be part of the Drama activities, then you join the Lighting and Sound Club. In Lighting and Sound, you control the lighting and sound for drama.  

The clubs this year will either be “hybrid, in person, or fully virtual.”  The list of clubs and the calendar for meetings are posted on the Sagamore website.  It is not too late to join a club, so get involved and have some fun this year!


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