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Cayuga Elementary School


Cayuga School



865 Hawkins Avenue
Lake Grove, NY 11755
Principal: Matthew Wells


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Cayuga Elementary School’s Mission Statement

The mission of the Cayuga staff and parents is:

To develop respectful and responsible students.
To provide students with an innovative, research-based curriculum.
To create a safe and secure learning environment.

To build the foundations for on-going academic success.





In the News

Cayuga Students Study Hurricanes

Cayuga Students Study Hurricanes photo
During an interactive STEAM lesson, Cayuga Elementary students explored the power of hurricanes and their effects on structures. 

The activity began with a discussion on hurricanes, including identifying what defines the weather phenomenon, and key information for the students to consider during the hands-on activity. 

Separated into small groups, students worked to construct a structure capable of withstanding strong wind and rain using only masking tape, popsicle sticks, construction paper, an aluminum pan and Play-Doh. After construction was complete, the structures faced a hurricane simulation test. Two cups of water were added to the pan to represent rain and a fan blowing at high speed was pointed at the structures to act as hurricane-force winds. 

The class gathered after the activity for a discussion about the performance of their structures. The next day small adjustments were made and all of the groups’ structures were retested using the simulated hurricane conditions. 

Sachem Schools Lend a Helping Hand

Helping Hand Pic
Helping Hand Pic 2
Throughout the month of September, Sachem Central School District students and staff came together to organize a variety of fundraisers and activities to benefit the victims of devastating hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

Among the various items collected were personal hygiene supplies, nonperishable food items and a harvest of crops grown in Wenonah’s community garden, as well as gift cards and other monetary donations.

All items will be donated to one of three Texas schools the district has adopted or to local organization Island Harvest.