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Students Embark on a Life Science Safari

Students Embark on a Life Science Safari photo thumbnail125030
An expansive study of animal species was the main focus of third grade students in Julie Celecia’s class at Waverly Avenue Elementary School last school year during an individual research project exploring different animals. 

As part of the project, students utilized laptop computers to compile information on the animal they chose, including koalas, snakes, foxes, red pandas, bears, zebras and frogs. Through their research, students identified important characteristics that were unique to their specific animal such as life cycle, diet, habitat, classification and behavior. Adding an additional technology component to the project, students used the Tinkercad program to design a model of their chosen animal and 3D print them for display. 

Concluding the project, students read their assembled project books with their peers to share their newfound knowledge on the animals they selected.