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Student Creativity Shines at Annual Art Show

Student Creativity Shines at Annual Art Show  thumbnail120619

Sachem High School North special education students in Christine Baratta’s class displayed countless crafty creations as part of its annual art show at the conclusion of the 2018-19 school year.

In its sixth year at High School North, the art show was a culminating event to a yearlong exploration of numerous famous artists and their chosen mediums. Students created works of art inspired by famous artists’ works, such as Leonardo da Vinci’s rub art, Jasper John’s block art, Wassily Kandinsky’s concentric circles, Henri Matisse’s cut art, Henry Moore’s sculptures and George Seurat’s pointillism. Along the way, students learned about different art techniques, mediums and the many categories of art. 

The vibrant display was attended by fellow classmates, teachers, members of administration, members of the Board of Education, family and friends who were led throughout the art exhibit by the talented artists.