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PARP Celebration Sheds Light on an Important Lesson

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Kings and queens filled the cafetorium at Wenonah Elementary School for a magical celebration of literacy and learning as part of the building’s monthlong Pick a Reading Partner initiative.

As the PARP assembly began, the magical kingdom on Wenonah was under siege by a ferocious dragon. At the beginning of the month, students learned that if they read books it would protect Wenonah from the dragon. With each book the students read, a brick was added to their kingdom. The bricks were represented by old cereal boxes that now showcased information about the books the students read. As the theatrical assembly continued, building administrators and staff acted out the enchanting fairy tale dressed in vibrant costumes. 

At the conclusion of the production, students discovered the dragon was not scary at all; he just wanted to visit Wenonah to read all of its wonderful books. The engaging performance shared the popular sentiment that you should never judge a book by its cover.