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Samoset Studies the Effects of Force and Motion

Samoset Studies the Effects of Force and Motion photo thumbnail117665

A series of science stations at Samoset Middle School reinforced important curriculum concepts for sixth-grade students during a recent workshop led by the Brookhaven National Laboratory.

As part of the hands-on workshop, students rotated between stations that examined science topics, including gravity, motion, friction and force. At one station, students were tasked with constructing a roller coaster for a marble to travel through while being mindful of how speed and momentum affected the marble’s travel. At another station, students examined how different surfaces can affect travel and distance as they rolled a toy car down a ramp. While testing each surface, students collected data on the tests they conducted. In an additional station, the students studied energy transfer by playing a game where they hit one marble into another, knocking it from a circle and reflecting on the result that speed and force had on the collision. 

This timely visit from the Brookhaven National Laboratory served as an engaging review to conclude the recent science unit on force and motion.