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Pulsera Project Creates Connection Among Cultures

Pulsera Project Creates Connection Among Cultures photo  thumbnail112776
Sachem High School North recently served as a gateway to vibrant cultural art as part of the Pulsera Project, which introduces the art of Nicaraguan artisans to people around the world.

Leading High School North’s effort, students from the Interact Club and Christy Zummo’s Spanish classes created a colorful display selling a vast collection of the handwoven bracelets, purses and headbands. The proceeds go directly to the Pulsera project, a nonprofit organization that connects Pulsera artists with well-paying, fair-trade jobs, scholarships, health care and access to housing for them and their families. Each unique piece comes with a tag that includes the artist’s name and photo so purchasers can see who their item was made by. 

Through the project, students learn about fair trade and social issues in Latin America and promote global citizenship throughout their school community.