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Annual Convention Brings Specialists to Seneca

Annual Convention Brings Specialists to Seneca photo thumbnail111482

Before midwinter recess, Seneca Middle School transformed into a bustling hub for art and literature as several established authors and illustrators visited to share their specialties with students as part of the annual Sene-Con convention, now in its second year.

Throughout the day, seventh-grade students traveled around the building to a number of classrooms dedicated to specific presentations by talented authors and illustrators from multiple disciplines. Origami artists Shrikant Iyer and Jacqueline Billig taught students precise folding sequences to form origami art creations, such as a swan, that the students practiced. Graphic designer and illustrator David O. Miller shared beginner tips for drawing in three dimensions. He continued his tutorial on the fundamentals of sketching by guiding students through several character drawings and emphasizing the students’ ability to create things with the technology available to them. 

An art workshop presented by Imagine That! introduced students to famous artist Jackson Pollack’s work where students learned about the artist before recreating his work using his unique drip paint style. Continuing the focus on art, Marvel artist Billy Tucci spoke to students about his approach to art and the hard work that lead to the position he holds today. Tucci displayed a collection of his work for students to see and answered numerous questions about his profession. Additionally, the Manga style of drawing prominent in Japan was represented by comic artist Misako Rocks! as she demonstrated the unique techniques associated with the medium. 

As part of a captivating combination of art and storytelling, Christopher Agostino painted several students’ faces to coincide with folktales he told from around the world. His theatric renditions of numerous folktales captivated his audience, some ending with a surprising reveal of the face he painted on his chosen volunteer. This year, students also learned tips and tricks from ventriloquist Jonathan Geffner as they practiced numerous techniques of the trade together. 

Another unique addition to this year’s convention was African fabric painting with Mrs. Cole-Lacey, in which students utilized paint and several pattern stamps to design and create a unique piece of art on a section of cloth.