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Living History Museum Celebrates Black History Month

Living History Museum Celebrates Black History Month photo thumbnail111447

A celebration of African-American art, music and poetry recently took place at Sachem High School East as part of a Harlem Renaissance Living History Museum in honor of Black History Month.

Led by members of the History Honor Society and club adviser Tracey Melandro, students created a vibrant display of African-American culture that highlighted achievements in art, music, literature and sports. Throughout this month, students researched a specific area of African-American culture and developed engaging ways to present the information to their peers. Some of the unique ways students presented the information was by creating a “poet tree” where students added pieces of poetry, a station where students could recreate art from the Harlem Renaissance and another station where they could add a note to a board about what inspires them. 

While the museum was open, high school students across grade levels patiently waited to view each informative display highlighting some of the most prominent African-Americans in history.