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Students’ Activity Honors Black History Month

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A prominent African-American figure was at the center of a recent activity for third-grade students in Julie Celecia’s class in honor of Black History Month. 

As part of their introduction to biographies, students selected books on Ruby Bridges, an elementary school student who at 6 years old was one of the first African-Americans to desegregate a public school. Students utilized several research methods, including books and online research tools, to gather information on the extraordinary life of Bridges. Students learned about the civil rights movement and the numerous hardships she endured while in school. 

Concluding their research, students compiled a collection of information highlighting key areas from her life and selected character traits in Bridges that they admire, creating an informative hallway display for all Waverly students to see. 

In an additional activity, students in Katie Hoey’s first-grade class learned about prominent African American jazz musicians such as B.B. King.