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Grundy Brings Biographies to Life

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Fifth-grade students at Grundy Avenue Elementary School recently took their computer skills to the next level with guidance from Library Media Specialist Melissa Lawler and Technology Integration Specialist Claudia Camassa during an engaging activity that coupled coding and research. 

To begin the activity, students selected a prominent figure in history which they then researched. After making their selection, students gathered books for their research, allowing them to practice notetaking and to gather facts to include in a computer presentation. Students selected notable figures such as Neil Armstrong, Simone Biles, Albert Einstein, LeBron James, Hellen Keller and Lionel Messi.  

Using the coding software Scratch, students will animate images of their prominent figures to move in ways that may correlate with their specific profession. At the conclusion of the coding process students will present their completed presentations to their class.