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Sachem Hosts Legislative Forum

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The Sachem Central School District recently hosted a legislative forum in an effort to strengthen the lines of communication between community members and representatives of state and local governments.

The legislative forum, held in the Board of Education room at the central office, provided Sachem students and community members a platform to voice their school-related questions and concerns. Those in attendance included New York Assemblymen Michael Fitzpatrick and Dean Murray as well as representatives from the offices of New York State Senators Phil Boyle, Thomas Croci and John Flanagan.  

“We are fortunate to have a district legislative committee that is actively involved in advocating for our students,” said Superintendent of Schools Kenneth Graham. “We are thankful to the entire committee, especially the committee chair Dana Platin, for planning the forum. The evening highlighted the collaborative approach taken between the residents, the school district and our elected officials to address the issues that concern them most. We are thankful to all of our elected officials and their representatives who attended the forum and really listened to the concerns of our school district’s community members. It is through this type of collaboration that we will hopefully see the greatest changes for our district.”   

Important topics highlighted during the community discussion were finance, school safety and security and a range of proposals addressed in the state budget.