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Sachem Raises Major Support for St. Baldrick’s

Sachem Raises Major Support for St. Baldrick’s photo thumbnail89736

St. Baldrick’s has long been a vibrant point of community service and spirit in Sachem. This year multiple schools combined to raise more than $70,000, a district record for this particular charity.

Waverly Avenue Elementary School led the charge, with more than $48,000 in donations, in support of 85 people who shaved their heads for cancer awareness.

“This is a great way for our Waverly students, parents and staff to make connections to the world around them and the importance of doing for others who are less fortunate,” said Waverly Principal John Ruggero.

Sagamore has raised more than $11,000 so far and will generate more donations this week through its “Sagamore Spikes Out Cancer” volleyball tournament. Sachem East raised $7,800 and Sachem North raised $6,500.

At the event at Waverly that featured hundreds of students and parents in attendance, there were also a number of students, teachers and principals from around the Sachem district who took part, showing an incredible amount of shared support from various buildings.

“St. Baldrick’s is a great way for kids to connect to the world and pay it forward,” said Kristina Fulcher, a teacher at Waverly who helped organize the event this year.

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