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Grundy Avenue Welcomes a Little Free Library

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Fourth grade students from Grundy Avenue Elementary School worked together to set up a new addition to their school, the Little Free Library; an initiative that brings books to students and fosters a love for learning within the community.

Little Free Library is a non-profit organization that inspires a love for reading by bringing book shares to communities around the world. Through the efforts of Little Free Library, millions of books are exchanged each year, greatly increasing their availability to students of all ages. Grundy Avenue Principal and former reading teacher, Laura Amato supervised the project. Students took time away from their summer vacations to lend a hand painting the library, book cart and the post that the library will stand on. Principal Amato created labels for each book that students inserted to give them a sense of ownership, purpose and pride as they oversee their free library throughout the year.

“Literacy is very important to me as it is the foundation to all learning,” said Principal Amato. “I feel an obligation to put books in the hands of kids any way we can and get them to read both in school and out of school.”

The library will be installed in front of the school in the coming weeks for all students to enjoy. If you wish to donate, books in new or good condition may be dropped off at Grundy Avenue Elementary School.