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Learning Continues through the Summer Months

Learning Continues through the Summer Months Photo thumbnail79745

While the school year may be complete, learning has continued into the summer in Sachem. Camp Sachem, a student summer enrichment program, is underway and provides campers with a unique engaging educational experience.

Camp Sachem is held at Samoset Middle School from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. daily in two separate sessions spanning from pre-K through 8th grade. The program provides a stimulating educational experience spanning across multiple fields of study in an exciting way. Students will participate in activities such as Legoland, where they will learn about the construction of various structures by creating their very own Lego town. They will also practice kitchen safety and learn to follow recipes in chef school, and use balloons to explore how rockets work. An appreciation for art will also be encouraged by studying renowned artists and drawing inspiration for their own artistic creations. In addition to these activities, students will participate in various other educational projects at Camp Sachem.

On Friday, July 14, the students will host a Parent Showcase, where they will perform a short musical presentation, followed by a display of the amazing work they completed during their time at camp. Following the showcase, students in the Rocketry program will shoot off rockets, and chef school participants will prepare treats for their visitors to enjoy.