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Sachem Honors Retirees at Board of Education Meeting

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At the June 21, 2017 Sachem Board of Education meeting, dozens of retirees from Sachem were honored for their service and dedication to the school district.

Below is a list of retirees and their years of service.

A special mention goes to sisters Bonnie Beyernheimer, Elizabeth Crowley and Marie Page, who are all retiring together this year. Their father John Beyernheimer was one of Sachem’s original administrators, and this fall will be the first time someone in their family is not working in Sachem in more than 60 years. 

We wish our retirees all the best in retirement.  Thank you to each of them for their hard work and passion towards serving our school community. #GoArrows

Name & Years of Service
Bonnie Beyernheimer, 32 years
Debra Boos, 25
Joyce Boyle, 18
Mary Capek, 32
Anna Chung, 9
Marianne Cinquemani, 20
Raymond Connolly, 28
Elizabeth Crowley, 36
Kathy Dawson, 28
Paula DeFilippo, 12
John Deluca, 31
Nicholas DiPeri, 9
Lynn Favorite, 30
Josephine Fumai, 15
Richard Gerkens, 19
Richard Ginley, 13
Johanna Gulay, 21
Gary Hallock, 27
Shaun Harney, 31
Douglas Heinlein, 10
Eugene Higgins, 33
Karen Hokansan, 28
Jill Hughes, 29
James Kalachik, 33
Cynthia Keith, 19
David Loehle, 35
Donald Mark, 7
Karen Meservy, 18
Joseph Murphy, 38
Barbara Murray, 29
Lori Nazzaro, 28
Donald O’Brien, 6
Judith Otto, 19
Ellen Padilla, 29
Marie Page, 30
Kathleen Polzer, 27
Therese Robinson, 30
Cynthia Rocco, 24
Patricia Scaturro, 33
Lisa Scrima-Castelli, 27
Linda Strong, 28
Debra Trudnak, 28
Marie Wyckoff, 16
Alexander Young, 33
Jane Zederbam, 20