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Sagamore Middle School Students Are Proactive in their Choice to be Tobacco-Free

Proactive in their Choice to be Tobacco-Free Photo thumbnail75369

On March 21st, Sagamore Middle School students organized “Kick Butts Day” events to fight youth tobacco use.  “Kick Butts Day” is a nationwide initiative that invites students to be leaders in the effort to stand out and speak up against the use of tobacco.

Teachers from every discipline were encouraged to integrate tobacco-free lessons into their classroom.  Students participated in “Project 1300” Project 1300 brings attention to the fact that 1300 people that die each day from tobacco-related illness. Organizers of the annual event, Health Education Chairperson Lori Hewlett and Student Assistance Counselor Melissa Bennett facilitated various advocacy projects. 

Sagamore Middle School students created a powerful “Instagram style” message by creating a #iKBD #bethefirst display. #Bethefirst asks students to “remember when the thought of walking on the moon was impossible? Let’s make history together, and help deliver the first tobacco-free generation.”

Health Education classes demonstrated their advocacy for tobacco control by participating in a writing letter campaign to Governor Cuomo in support of strong tobacco policy. A pledge wall with 1000+ signatures sends a strong message that the students of Sagamore are dedicated to live a tobacco-free life. 

Informational tables were set up in the school’s lobby to provide incentives and literature to students and staff on maintaining a smoke-free environment as well as providing tips for quitting smoking.

It is clear to see that the Sachem School District and the students of Sagamore Middle School are being proactive in their commitment to tobacco-free schools.