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Chippewa Takes Learning Long Distance

Chippewa Takes Learning Long Distance photo
A cross-country connection between an Alaskan elementary school and second grade students in Mary Bernhard’s class at Chippewa Elementary School led to an eye-opening look inside a school community much different from their own. 

As part of the yearlong project, students in Bernhard’s class have been communicating with students in Alaska in an interesting way. They have been taking photos with Flat Stanley’s around their school community and sharing places they go around Long Island. Then, the Alaskan students did the same. Through this interactive project, Chippewa students learned about numerous aspects of Alaska, including climate, population, landscape and animals. 

Later this year, Bernhard plans to set up a video chat between each class for the students to meet face to face. 

Chippewa Students Study the Science of Insects

Chippewa Students Study the Science of Insects photo

Chippewa Elementary School students were recently introduced to areas of biology and entomology with help from two assistant professors from the Department of Biology at Farmingdale State College.

Cell biologist Dr. Azad Gucwa visited Donna Gianfortone’s first-grade class and Laura Seguna’s fourth-grade class to guide students through a hands-on learning activity utilizing foldscopes and paper microscopes.

As part of an additional activity, Dr. Carly Tribull taught students about entomology and the importance of insects as she spoke about her unique collection of insects. 


Student Collaboration Highlights African-American History

Student Collaboration Highlights African-American History photo
A collaborative effort provided impressive results as kindergarten students in Jennifer Collins’ class joined their fifth-grade book buddies in Amanda Hallstein’s class at Chippewa Elementary School for a project that honored prominent African-American men and women in history.

As part of the project celebrating Black History Month, student groups researched information on their selected individual and created timelines using chronological order to outline their lives. While organizing the presentations, fifth-grade students focused on text structure to clearly and concisely deliver the information.  

Concluding the project, students presented their work to a room of their peers on the influential individual they selected. Among the prominent figures chosen were Fredrick Douglas, Barack Obama, Rosa Parks, Jackie Robinson and Harriet Tubman.