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Technology Helps Create Connections to Curriculum

Technology Helps Create Connections to Curriculum photo

Curriculum connections were plentiful for students at Sachem High School North during a recent visit from the Sachem Public Library, as students engaged in several activities utilizing high- and low-tech educational tools.

During science and math classes, students across grade levels experimented with educational technologies that emphasized science, technology, engineering and math. Students used Magical Magnets to create three-dimensional figures, structures and shapes in addition to testing their design abilities using Strawbees and Legos. 

Exploring more complex technologies, students used the Autodesk program to improve their freehand drawing skills and fuel interests in digital art. Additionally, students tried on virtual reality headsets and used iPads to control mBot robots. 

The visit from the public library allowed students to explore current curriculum concepts using a versatile selection of educational materials.   


Hiawatha Book Initiative Unites School Community

Hiawatha Book Initiative Unites School Community photo
Students, faculty and staff at Hiawatha Elementary School recently participated in a buildingwide reading initiative that fostered a collective love for learning through the Andrew Clements book, “Frindle.” 

One Book, One School is an annual initiative at Hiawatha that provides each student and staff member with a copy of the same book to read. This year’s book, “Frindle,” is about a boy who renames a pen a “frindle” and it eventually becomes a new word in the dictionary. 

In celebration of the initiative, Hiawatha hosted a family event on Feb.28 organized by librarian Kim Walker and art teacher Nicole Healy where students and their family members created invisible ink, bookmarks and made new words in addition to other engaging activities.

Chippewa Takes Learning Long Distance

Chippewa Takes Learning Long Distance photo
A cross-country connection between an Alaskan elementary school and second grade students in Mary Bernhard’s class at Chippewa Elementary School led to an eye-opening look inside a school community much different from their own. 

As part of the yearlong project, students in Bernhard’s class have been communicating with students in Alaska in an interesting way. They have been taking photos with Flat Stanley’s around their school community and sharing places they go around Long Island. Then, the Alaskan students did the same. Through this interactive project, Chippewa students learned about numerous aspects of Alaska, including climate, population, landscape and animals. 

Later this year, Bernhard plans to set up a video chat between each class for the students to meet face to face. 

Professional Artist Shares Lessons in Cultural Creations

Professional Artist Shares Lessons in Cultural Creations photo

Creativity flourished at Waverly Avenue Elementary School as second-grade students in Susan Kinsey’s art class were led through the Day in Clay instructional workshop presented by professional artist, sculptor and potter Cliff Mendelson.

As part of the hands-on workshop, students learned how Native American ceramic vessels are made and about their connection to world cultures. Using some of his brilliant work as examples, Mendelson discussed the history of art in Asian, Greek and Native American cultures and how its applications are alive in the world today. 

Guided by Mendelson, students created their own individual clay vases using the style and techniques of the Native Americans. The various symbols, patterns and imagery of their culture were utilized in the students’ artwork as they explored the tradition that is rich in ceramic history.


2019-2020 Proposed Budget Presentations


Sachem East Girls Track Claims League Title

Sachem East Girls Track Claims League Title photo
While gathered in the Brentwood High School bleachers for their post-meet discussion, the young women of Sachem East track and field waited to hear the meet’s final score. They had been prepared for a tough contest; not only did the Brentwood squad pose some difficult match-ups for Sachem in sprints and jumps, but the Arrows were dealing with a group of their own seniors who were sleep-deprived and out of rhythm from their annual senior trip to Washington, D.C. Likewise, the meet interrupted normal training routines as they found themselves hosted at Brentwood a day later than expected thanks to a weather cancellation the previous day.

As the meet developed, and several early events were split between Brentwood and Sachem, it would be difficult for an outsider to recognize the growing lead for Sachem. Brentwood won seven out of the 14 open events. This should have made the meet a virtual toss-up. To help limit the damage done by these seven Brentwood victories, however, several Sachem team members stepped up to secure a third-place finish in the 400-meter dash, the triple jump and the shot put. Sachem was also able to claim key points in the other events won by Brentwood, with a second-place finish in the 100-meter dash, a second- and third-place finish in the 200-meter dash, a second- and third-place finish in the 400-meter hurdles, and a second- and third-place finish in the high jump. Without these points secured in events won by Brentwood, it was likely the meet would have come down to the wire or ended with a Brentwood victory.

Sachem was able to flex its own muscle, as well, dominating with a first- and second-place finish in the 100-meter hurdles, a first- and second-place finish in the 800-meter run, a first- and third-place finish in the discus, a victory in the long jump, and a sweep of first through third in the 1,500-meter run, race walk and 3,000-meter run. Before the 4x100-meter, 4 x 400-meter and 4x800-meter relays started, victory had already been secured. When the dust settled and the team gathered in the bleachers to recap the meet, the final score stood at 91-59, good enough for Sachem East to claim a 2019 league title.

The news of a league title, their fourth in the last five years, came with plenty of smiles and cheers, but the real celebration occurred one week earlier at Sachem when they defeated league rival Longwood 83-67, on April 10, in a head-to-head match-up of the best two teams in the league. The victory over Longwood avenged last year’s loss to the eventual county champions and set up the April 16 showdown with Brentwood to finish the job. That job now complete, Sachem looks ahead to some serious training through spring break, senior day on April 29 and the start of championship season that kicks off at the St. Anthony’s Invitational on May 3 and 4.

There have been many key players on the track thus far in the season: in the sprints and jumps are Jasmine Ahmed, Jeilyn Balbuena, Arya Deshpande, Julianna Grillo, Erica Hecht, Kylie Koerner, Isabelle Makinen, Julianna Mercado, Daniella Meyer, Arianna Moore, Gianna Pepitone, Victoria Scheller and Jaidyn Simmons; in the mid-distance and distance are Lindsey Dodenhoff, Lexi MacAneney, Chiara Marziali, Sabrinna Mena, Anna Murphy, Jessica Schaefer, Sydney Sherbitsky, Lauren Trejo, Emily Venturi and Alexis Violi; in the throws are Ericka Craig, Kaiya Fragala, Farrah Kuchcicki, ToniAnn McNerney, Ashley Nash and Marissa Scimeca; in the race walk are Marcela Araujo, Angelina Colon, Lauren Faust, Amanda Harnos, Kayla Manel and Marissa Sciotto; and finally newcomers to the squad are Gillian and Michaela Barresi, Molly Grow, Jamie Levin, Anna Morrongiello, Erica Urbancik and Jaidyn Wolfe.

Middle Schools Participate in Italian Celebration

Middle Schools Participate in Italian Celebration photo
In honor of Fat Tuesday and the Carnevale season, seventh grade Italian classes at Sachem middle schools learned about the Carnevale celebration and the ways it was celebrated hundreds of years ago in cities throughout Italy.

As part of their study, students watched videos that explained the deep-rooted history of Carnevale. Students focused their research on Venice, which is most well-known for its costumes, masks and long-standing traditions that are still celebrated in modern times. Classes crafted masks that represented the alter ego they decided to portray during their masquerade ball and interviewed one another in the target language. 

Concluding the activity, students celebrated Fat Tuesday with a party of their own where they sampled delicious Italian food typical of Carnevale. 

Sachem Business Students Head to Federal Reserve

Sachem Business Students Head to Federal Reserve photo
Sachem Business Students Head to Federal Reserve photo 2
American high school students will gather to compete in the annual Euro Challenge contest at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York on May 2.

Following regional contests, a total of 25 teams from across the country, including our very own from Sachem North, will travel to New York City for the semifinal and final rounds. Students compete by showcasing their financial literacy and knowledge of the European Union and its single currency, the euro.

Participating teams prepare a detailed presentation of current economic conditions in one of the 19 countries that share the euro, and proceed to make policy recommendations to improve that country’s competitiveness, human capital and sustainable growth.

This year’s contest takes on special importance as the euro celebrates its 20th anniversary. Since its launch in 1999, the euro has brought stable prices, lower transaction costs, more transparent and competitive markets, and increased trade.

“The Euro Challenge is a unique learning opportunity for young Americans that teaches students about financial literacy and policy making from an EU perspective,” said Moreno Bertoldi, special advisor to the ambassador and head of the Economic and Financial Affairs Section at the Delegation of the European Union to the United States. “It also highlights that the EU is the largest economic partner of the United States. Since we launched the Euro Challenge in 2006, I am proud to say that hundreds of American students have participated in this exciting competition.”

The top five winning teams will receive monetary awards generously provided by the Moody’s Foundation. The top two placing teams will receive a free trip to Washington, D.C., also sponsored by the Moody’s Foundation, to present solutions to the embassy of the country they researched.

Sachem Student Receives Awards for Outstanding Service

Sachem Student Receives Awards for Outstanding Service photo
Sachem High School North senior Lauren Breuer was recently awarded the Suffolk County Principals Leadership award and was named a recipient of the President’s Volunteer Service Award for her continued efforts focused on improving her school community through community service initiatives.

Lauren boasts an impressive academic résumé. She is enrolled in several Advanced Placement classes such as English, Government and Politics, and Spanish. In addition to her academic accomplishments, Lauren has been class president for each of her four years at High School North and an active member of the Buddies Club, Leadership Club and Mentors Club. She is also a member of the Business, Foreign Language and National honor societies. 

“I just love to help people,” Lauren said. “If I can help just one person, no matter how big or small, that makes all the hard work worth it.” 

PARP Celebration Sheds Light on an Important Lesson

parp image

Kings and queens filled the cafetorium at Wenonah Elementary School for a magical celebration of literacy and learning as part of the building’s monthlong Pick a Reading Partner initiative.

As the PARP assembly began, the magical kingdom on Wenonah was under siege by a ferocious dragon. At the beginning of the month, students learned that if they read books it would protect Wenonah from the dragon. With each book the students read, a brick was added to their kingdom. The bricks were represented by old cereal boxes that now showcased information about the books the students read. As the theatrical assembly continued, building administrators and staff acted out the enchanting fairy tale dressed in vibrant costumes. 

At the conclusion of the production, students discovered the dragon was not scary at all; he just wanted to visit Wenonah to read all of its wonderful books. The engaging performance shared the popular sentiment that you should never judge a book by its cover. 


Sachem East Uses Models to Study Extinction

Sachem East Uses Models to Study Extinction
Sachem High School East students in Daniel Egbert’s new Evolution Science elective recently worked cooperatively to use cutting-edge 3-D printers to create models of extinct, fossilized creatures.  

With the help of High School East librarian Jacque Wrightson, students learned how to use two programs, and, that enabled them to import and modify existing templates to create their models. Research on each species, as well as the mechanisms of fossil formation, were also studied as part of the project. Concluding the project, students presented their models and research findings to their class.

Samoset Studies the Effects of Force and Motion

Samoset Studies the Effects of Force and Motion photo

A series of science stations at Samoset Middle School reinforced important curriculum concepts for sixth-grade students during a recent workshop led by the Brookhaven National Laboratory.

As part of the hands-on workshop, students rotated between stations that examined science topics, including gravity, motion, friction and force. At one station, students were tasked with constructing a roller coaster for a marble to travel through while being mindful of how speed and momentum affected the marble’s travel. At another station, students examined how different surfaces can affect travel and distance as they rolled a toy car down a ramp. While testing each surface, students collected data on the tests they conducted. In an additional station, the students studied energy transfer by playing a game where they hit one marble into another, knocking it from a circle and reflecting on the result that speed and force had on the collision. 

This timely visit from the Brookhaven National Laboratory served as an engaging review to conclude the recent science unit on force and motion.  


Annual Internship and Career Connection Opens Doors to Opportunity

Annual Internship and Career Connection Opens Doors to Opportunity photo

Sachem high school students recently explored an eclectic assortment of future opportunities during the second annual Internship and Career Connection hosted at Sachem High School North.

The expansive event featured 28 local businesses and organizations that provided junior and senior students with information on future career and internship opportunities. The long list of groups who participated in the event included the New York Jets, Sachem Public Library, Nichols College, Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Seeds of Achievement, the Boy Scouts of America, Splish Splash, RE/MAX Real Estate, Techworks, Civil Air Patrol, the United States Marine Corps, Long Island Community Hospital, the United States Army, RG Financial Investment Solutions, the United States Navy, Ronald McDonald House, Bob’s Stores, National Tax and Financial Services, New York City Police Department, American Pools, Keiser University, RFC Fence, Suffolk County Police Department, Accucare Health, the National Guard, First National Bank, FDNY and the Guitar Guy.

During the event, which was organized by the Sachem Business Department, hundreds of students conversed with business representatives to further their knowledge in their areas of interest. Assisting with the daylong event were a group of Sachem High School North business students, who arranged tables and escorted the representatives to the gymnasium. 

Once the event had concluded, business teacher William Ward reflected on how it impacted the students. "The beautiful thing about having success as a business teacher and creating an event with students, colleagues and professionals is that the impact, like waves, continues to manifest and pay dividends further than the eye can see."

Chippewa Creates Crazy Pudding for St. Patrick’s Day

Chippewa Creates Crazy Pudding for St. Patrick’s Day photo
Chippewa Elementary School third-grade students in Amy Dejesus’ class recently made green leprechaun pudding in recognition of St. Patrick’s Day. 

As part of the activity, third-graders observed ingredients being combined and watched how the properties changed as liquid was added to the powder ingredients. 

Sachem Hosts Conference Led by Prestigious Geneticist

Students and staff from multiple Long Island school districts converged on the Sachem High School North auditorium for a genetics program presented by nationally renowned genetics educator Dr. Sam Rhine.

In its 14th year at Sachem High School North, the one-day genetics conference designed for community members, high school students and their teachers provided key insight for students interested in careers in medicine, biological research or other life science careers.

This year’s conference spanned topics that included the genetics of common single-gene disorders such as cystic fibrosis and sickle cell anemia, to more complicated polygenic conditions, such as obesity, cancer, arthritis and Alzheimer’s disease. In addition, recent advances within the field of genetics and information regarding the widely popular ancestry testing, currently directly available to consumers, was also discussed.

Sachem Artist’s Talents Shine at Art Exhibit

Sachem Artist’s Talents Shine at Art Exhibit photo

Sachem art teachers Alexis Curcio and Renee Parisi recently represented student-artists from Tamarac Elementary School and Sagamore Middle School at the Suffolk County Art Leaders Association’s Children’s Show on March 16 at Old Town Hall in Babylon.

The exhibit featured a mixed collection of two-dimensional and three-dimensional art from students across Suffolk County in grades K-8. The fourth-grade art that was featured from Tamarac Elementary School included poured landscape reflections inspired by Australian artist Kate Shaw and Native American-inspired spirit animal paintings representing animals students felt connected to. Additionally, Tamarac third-grade artists created Chinese porcelain plates inspired by their recent study of China. 

Students from Sagamore Middle School created two-dimensional pieces as part of their acrylic color study in which students used the grid method to render their portraits to a larger size. They then chose a color scheme and applied different shades and tints of that color to their face, filling the background with a complementary color. In other incredible displays of art, students made observation drawings, name-design projects and a transformation diptych. In addition, Sagamore students also created three-dimensional sculptures representing something manmade and something found in nature. 

Students Advocate Against Smoking on Kick Butts Day

Students Advocate Against Smoking on Kick Butts Day photo
Students Advocate Against Smoking on Kick Butts Day photo 2
Students Advocate Against Smoking on Kick Butts Day photo 3
Students Advocate Against Smoking on Kick Butts Day photo 4
On March 20, a national day of activism known as Kick Butts Day, seventh-grade health education students across all three middle school buildings in the Sachem Central School District had a common message for their peers: Stay away from harmful tobacco products. 

In honor of Kick Butts Day, student volunteers shared this important message, empowering youth to make smart choices, stand up against big tobacco organizations and educate others on the dangers of tobacco product use. The districtwide participation in the initiative consisted of a collaborative effort from building drug and alcohol counselors and health education teachers. 

The students’ participation in the initiative served as a timely connection to their recent unit on substance abuse prevention and lessons on the importance of advocacy. 

Sachem Student Named Finalist in 2019 National Merit Scholarship Program

Sachem Student Named Finalist in 2019 National Merit Scholarship Program photo
Sachem High School North senior Amy DeLury has been selected as a finalist in the National Merit Scholarship Program. 

Amy excels in her Advanced Placement courses, including calculus, economics, English literature and physics. In addition to her continued academic success, she is also an integral participant in multiple extra- and co-curricular activities, such as the Economics and Finance Club and the Model United Nations Club, in which she is a delegate. 

Adding to her distinguished academic résumé, Amy has been successful as a science research student, having placed third at the Long Island Brain Bee this year and having been selected for last year’s Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory’s Professor for a Day program. During the latter, she worked to examine protein homeostasis in health and disease. Additionally, Amy and a partner were selected to advance to the second round of the prestigious Long Island Science and Engineering Fair. 

Approximately 1.6 million juniors from high schools across the country entered the 2019 National Merit Scholarship program by taking the Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. The 15,000 finalists now continue in the competition for some 7,500 National Merit Scholarships worth more than $31 million. Those who have been selected as Merit Scholarship winners will be announced between March and June. 




SCOPE Education Services Before and After School Program

SACC Flyer - Nokomis and Merrimac
SACC Flyer - Nokomis and Merrimac (Spanish)
SACC Flyer - Cayuga, Chippewa, Grundy, Hiawatha, Lynwood, Tamarac, Waverly, Wenonah
SACC Flyer - Cayuga, Chippewa, Grundy, Hiawatha, Lynwood, Tamarac, Waverly, Wenonah (Spanish)

Author Sets the Stage for Greek Mythology

Greek mythology conquered conversation at Samoset Middle School during a recent assembly program for sixth-grade students led by author and illustrator George O’Connor. 

The inspiring assembly program took students on a journey through O’Connor’s experiences as a student just beginning to draw, to the tips and techniques he still uses today to excel as an author and illustrator. O’Connor walked students through his Greek mythology-based book series, “Olympians,” providing students an opportunity to test their knowledge of the most famous Greek gods and goddesses and the mythological stories they star in. 

Concluding his presentation, O’Connor showcased his quick drawing style during an impressive 25-second drawing demonstration of Greek god Zeus, where he emphasized the importance of working through your mistakes instead of taking them as failures.  

Sachem Robotics Places Second on Long Island

Sachem’s robotics team took second place at the Long Island Regional championships at Hofstra University in March. 

Aftershock 263 competed against 48 teams from across Long Island and international teams from Brazil, China, Norway and Turkey.

Sachem competed in a best-of-three final and narrowly missed winning. These student-engineers worked hard for a three-day tournament featuring some of the best and brightest math and science students in the region.

Readers as Leaders Event Celebrates Literacy and Learning


Grundy Avenue Elementary School recently celebrated the birthday of Dr. Seuss with a special celebration of literacy, as students across the building listened to stories read by prominent members of the school and community as part of the building’s annual Readers as Leaders event.

During the collaborative event, multiple guest readers shared stories with students that promoted literacy and learning. Those in attendance included, but were not limited to, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kenneth Graham, Brookhaven Town Supervisor Ed Romaine, Suffolk County Legislator Bill Lindsay, New York State Assemblyman Doug Smith, New York State Sen. Phil Boyle, Suffolk County Police Officer Keith Murphy and Newsday sports writer Tom Rock. 

After each guest concluded their chosen story, students asked questions related to their specific careers and roles within the community, gaining interesting insight from the distinguished visitors. 

Board of Education Honors 2019 Valedictorians and Salutatorians

Board of Education Honors 2019 Valedictorians and Salutatorians photo
At the most recent meeting of the Sachem Central School District Board of Education, members of the Board honored four distinguished students for their outstanding academic performance and continued dedication to educational excellence. 

From Sachem High School North, Amy DeLury was recognized as the valedictorian of the 2019 senior class and was also honored for her selection as a National Merit Scholarship finalist. Additionally, Miguel Maramara from High School North was recognized as the salutatorian of the 2019 senior class. 

Continuing the recognitions, Vincent Zhang was honored as the Sachem High School East Class of 2019 valedictorian and congratulated for the incredible accomplishment of being named a semifinalist in the Regeneron Science Talent Search, an honor achieved by only six students in Sachem’s history. To conclude the recognitions, Joseph Nestor Yu Tan was recognized as the High School East Class of 2019 salutatorian. 

SCOPE Honors the Contributions of Five From Sachem

sachem image
Five members of the Sachem Central School District community were honored for their dedication and commitment to education at the Scope Education Services 18th Annual Awards Dinner on March 18. 

Laura Slattery, president of the Sachem Central School District Board of Education, received the School Board Service award. Ms. Slattery has been a resident of the district for over 40 years and has served as a member of the Board since 2015. Her commitment to the Sachem Central School District gleams through her continued work advocating for all students, staff and community members within the district. 

Paula Attard-Lowis was honored with the Support Staff Services award. Ms. Attard-Lowis is a Sachem graduate who has worked as a clerk in the personnel office. Her 41 years of experience serve as an invaluable resource when she assists in tasks imperative to the success of the district. 

Sue Tuttle, director of student services, received the Administrator Service award. Ms. Tuttle has served the Sachem Central School District for 30 years and held positions as a teacher assistant, special education teacher, assistant coordinator and director of student services. Ms. Tuttle currently oversees a large department which is dedicated to serving Sachem students with special needs as well as their families. 

Sheryl Amallobieta, a fourth-grade teacher at Lynwood Avenue Elementary School, was honored with the Teacher Service award. Ms. Amallobieta has worked in the district for 18 years. She held various roles, including a technology integration specialist, before becoming a classroom teacher. Her student-centered classroom prepares students for the 21st century through her implementation of project-based learning that creates a diverse instructional experience and empowers all students. 

Emily Frosina, Sachem High School North special education teacher, received the Community Service award. During her years of commitment to the students of Sachem, Ms. Frosnia has been involved with the Polar Plunge and has raised large amounts of money as the team captain for several years. Additionally, Ms. Frosnia is also involved with Island Harvest and has plans to refurbish the courtyard at High School North to include a real working garden with areas for meditation and reflection. 

“This night was a great opportunity for us to honor people in Sachem who continue to make a difference,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kenneth Graham. “It was a great celebration.” 

Sachem North Model UN Delegates Have World at Fingertips

Sachem North Model UN Delegates Have World at Fingertips photo
Model UN delegates from Sachem North traveled to New York City to participate in the National High School Model United Nations Conference in March. This event is organized by the International Model United Nations Association and hosts schools from Africa, Asia, Europe and South America as well as the United States. 

Opening ceremonies were held in the General Assembly Hall of the United Nations Headquarters. Over the four days, students participated in debates on topics such as suicide prevention, environmental crime and explosive waste. 

“Our students had the opportunity to learn from and make friends with students from countries like Egypt, Jordan, Italy, Germany, and El Salvador, among others,” said Tara Jurow, a student-delegate from Sachem. 

Delegates attended a speaker series featuring the founder of MUN Impact and representatives from Rustic Pathways, an organization that provides students with educational opportunities throughout the world. The keynote speaker was Susan Rice, U.S. ambassador to the UN from 2009-2013 and national security advisor from 2013-2017.

Merrimac Students Collaborate to Save Sea Turtles

turtle picture
turtle picture 2
turtle picture 3
Third-grade students at Merrimac Elementary School recently attended a Save the Sea Turtles assembly presented by the Riverhead Foundation, where third- and fifth-grade students learned the importance of protecting Long Island’s sea turtle population. 

As part of their effort to help the sea turtles, students at Merrimac created a service learning project fundraiser and raised enough funds to adopt 16 sea turtles.  

Lynwood Avenue Takes on Destination Imagination

Lynwood Avenue Takes on Destination Imagination photo
Lynwood Avenue Takes on Destination Imagination photo 2
Lynwood Avenue Takes on Destination Imagination photo 3
Lynwood Avenue Takes on Destination Imagination photo 4
For the past few years, teams from Lynwood Avenue Elementary School have been participating in Destination Imagination. They were at it again this month at a regional tournament in Ossining, New York. 

The Destination Imagination program encourages teams of learners to have fun, take risks, focus and frame challenges while incorporating STEM, the arts and service learning. 

Participants learn patience, flexibility, persistence, ethics, respect for others and their ideas, and the collaborative problem-solving process. Teams showcase their solutions at a tournament.

Lynwood’s fourth-grade team chose the Fine Arts Challenge: Game On.

For this challenge, the team needed to create and present a story that integrates research of a team-selected game, create and present a game gizmo that causes an action or event to occur, design and create a container that goes through a transformation, design either the game gizmo or the container to be a technical element, and create and present two Team Choice Elements that show off the team’s interests, skills, areas of strength and talents.

Lynwood’s fourth-grade team members are Zhara Chaudhry, Kacey Geluso, Zach Guerrido, Emma Rudge, Ananya Sood and Abygail Wottawa.
The fourth-grade team chose the Scientific Challenge: Medical Mystery.

For this challenge, the team needed to research the human body and medical conditions that affect the human body, create and present a story about a medical mystery that affects a human character, design and build a representation that shows the medical mystery and at least one symptom, present an action or scene that is shown from two or more perspectives at the same time, and create and present two Team Choice Elements that show off the team’s interests, skills, areas of strength and talents.

The fifth-grade team members are Hannah Barkin, Ava Barrett, Dianna Burns, Jack Cordero, Kyle Fink, Keya Pai and Saiyum Sheth.

Waverly Avenue Masters Stop-Motion Movies

Waverly Avenue Masters Stop-Motion Movies photo

During an innovative art activity at Waverly Avenue Elementary School, fourth-grade students were recently introduced to stop-motion animation with the help of art teacher Susan Kinsey and technology integration specialist Keri Haas.

Students began the activity by storyboarding the scene that they were going to record and then presenting their ideas to their classmates for feedback. Utilizing the Google Slides program on laptop computers, student groups worked together to carefully move each piece within the scene while taking photos periodically to create the animation. 

Over three art classes, students used problem-solving skills to develop new techniques that created smoother animations to achieve their desired results. 


Sachem Business Students Compete in State Competition

Sachem Business Students Compete in State Competition photo
A group of students from Sachem East and Sachem North recently participated in the DECA State Career Conference that was held at the Riverside Convention Center in Rochester, New York. 

Students come to compete in over 40 different competitive events. This year’s DECA State Career Conference welcomed more than 2,300 attendees.
The DECA team consisted of Sachem East seniors Matthew Ely and Alyssa Dark; juniors Emma Hannigan, Therese Krawchuk and Gina Lelo; sophomores Logan Catalanotto, Nicholas Jason and Jayden Reilly; and Sachem North junior Stephen Iadanza.  
Students competed in categories including marketing, entrepreneurship, finance, business management, and hospitality and tourism, completing a wide range of tasks, from presenting their written business proposals to solving real-world business problems in a role-play scenario.

In addition to the competition, Sachem students participated in leadership seminars and activities that focused on strengthening their ability to solve problems, work as a team and network with others.
DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe.

Utilizing lessons learned from DECA, students become academically prepared for college and career in the previously mentioned fields while also becoming community oriented by gaining an appreciation for the benefits of service and their potential impact on the community and world.

DECA also helps push students to become professionally responsible with ethics, integrity and high standards while becoming experienced leaders by practicing key leadership skills such as goal setting, consensus building and project management.
Both advisers, Lisa Anthony (East) and Tom Sullivan (North), would like to congratulate all the students who participated in DECA this year.  

Congratulations to the following DECA students who placed top 10 in their respective competitions: Emma Hannigan – Business Services Marketing exam, Jayden Reilly – Entrepreneurship exam and Therese Krawchuk – Business Services Role Play.

Students Take Steps Toward a Healthy Heart

Students Take Steps Toward a Healthy Heart photo
As part of the American Heart Association’s Kids Heart Challenge, students at Nokomis Elementary School have been learning heart-healthy habits and implementing them through exercise.

Before school, students recently attended a one-day program where they engaged in heart-healthy exercises and games that elevated students’ heart rates and taught them about the importance of exercise.  

As part of the initiative, during gym classes students will continue to learn more about the importance of exercise and how to take care of their heart. 

Italian Fat Tuesday Celebrated at Sachem’s Middle Schools

In honor of ‘Fat Tuesday’ (‘mardi gras’ to most but martedi grasso to Italians) and the carnival season, the 7th grade Italian classes at all middle schools in the district learned about ‘Carnevale’ and how it was celebrated hundreds of years ago in various cities throughout Italy. Students watched videos about the history of ‘Carnevale’, with a focus on Venice, which is the most well-known for its costumes and masks and also about how most traditions are still celebrated in modern times. Our students made masks which represented the alter ego they decided to portray during our masquerade ball and interviewed one another in the target language. They also celebrated ‘Fat Tuesday’ with a party of their own, at which they sampled delicious Italian food typical of ‘Carnevale’. The 7th graders had a blast and their favorite part was definitely watching the video of the Battle of Oranges (Battaglia delle Arance), which takes place every year in the small, northern Italian city of Ivrea.


2018-2019 Snow Day Related Calendar Changes


Reading Sparks Magical Kickoff Event

Reading Sparks Magical Kickoff Event photo
Hiawatha Elementary School students recently kicked off their Pick a Reading Partner program with a dazzling display that connected literacy and magic, thanks to Joe Holiday’s Reading Rocks Magic Show. 

Students across grade levels attended the kickoff assembly program where magician Joe Holiday used books as inspiration for many of his impressive magic tricks. With help from student volunteers, Holiday continued to amaze the crowd throughout the show while referencing several notable books, including the Harry Potter series. 

Button Makers Combine Mythology and Technology

Button Makers Combine Mythology and Technology photo

Sixth-grade students at Seneca Middle School recently participated in a mythology-themed activity creating button pins, inspired by the Rick Riordan book, “The Lightning Thief.”

With help from the Sachem Public Library, students were taught how to assemble their own button pins before they pressed the buttons together using one of the library’s button presses. Students made buttons from one of six premade designs before creating their own mythology-themed illustrations to be turned into buttons. 

The activity was an opportunity for the students to review key areas of the popular book as part of their unit on gods and goddesses. 


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Sachem Student-Athletes Earn Top Winter Sports Honors


Congratulations to the student-athletes listed below for receiving postseason honors in their respective winter sports. 

These student-athletes are recognized for their accomplishments and exceptional performances. 

These recognitions are awarded by the New York State Public High School Athletic Association, Section XI, Suffolk County coaches associations, Newsday and other sports-related foundations.

Sachem East Postseason Award Winners

Cheerleading Scholar-Athlete Team

Melissa Bossong:                     All-Division

Jessica Laudato:                      All-Academic

Hannah Shapiro:                     All-County


Boys Basketball: Scholar-Athlete Team

Chris Boothe:                           All-League

Ryan Kennedy:                        All-Academic

Liam Sheehy:                           All-League


Girls Basketball: Scholar-Athlete Team

Emma Lange:                          All-League, All-County

Mackenzie Szlosek:                 All-League, All-County

Samantha Szatkowski:                         All-League


Boys Winter Track: Scholar-Athlete Team

Christian Berberich:                All-League

Joe Berberich:                         All-League

Dan Leonard:                          All-League Long Jump, County Champion, All-County

Matt Pietzak:                           All-League


Girls Winter Track: Scholar-Athlete Team

League 1 Champions

Bridget Abraldes:                    All-League

Jasmine Ahmed:                      All-League, Academic All-County

Marcla Araujo:                        All-League

Angelina Colon:                       All-League

Arya Deshpande:                     All-League

Lindsey Dodenhoff:                 All-League, All-County

Chiara Marziali:                      All-League

Sabrina Mena:                         All-League

Julianna Mercado:                  All-League, Academic All-County

Melisa Merone:                      All-League

Arianna Moore:                       All-League

Anna Murphy:                         All-League

Ariann Robinson:                     All-League, All-State

Marissa Sciotto:                      All-League

Lauren Trejo:                           All-League, All-County, All-State

Kaylee Vanella:                       All-League

Alexis Violi:                              All-League

Rachel Weber:                        All-League





League 1 Dual Champs

League 1 Tournament Champs

Section XI Duals Champs


Lucas Coniker:                         All-League

Steve Dorman:                        All-League, All-County

Mark Kmiotek:                        All-League, All-County

Tom Marks:                             All-League

Sam Matlat:                            All-League, All-County

Trevor Murray:                       All-League

Ryan Paolella:                         All-League

Angel Pineda:                          All-League, Outstanding Wrestler, All-County

Brendan Syrop:                       All-League

Luis Valdez:                             All-League

Ryan Wahl:                              All-League

Jared Weinhaus:                      All-League, All-County, Suffolk County Champion, All-State




Sachem North Postseason Award Winners



Cheerleading: Scholar-Athlete Team

County Champions

State Champions

Emily Heinssen:                       All-Division

Julia Lange:                             All-Academic

Madison Wruck:                      All-County

Ariana Yasso:                           All-County


Boys Basketball: Scholar-Athlete Team

Bradley Anacreon:                  All-League, All-Conference

James Butler:                          Unsung Hero of League 1,

Joseph Petillo:                         All-Academic


Girls Basketball: Scholar-Athlete Team

Corinne Amato:                       All-Academic

Erin Avanzato:                         All-Academic

Hailey Hallum:                        All-League

Kennadie Hallum:                   All-League, All-Conference, All-County

Julia Turano:                            All-League, All-Conference


Boys Winter Track: Scholar-Athlete Team

Matthew Aliano:                     All-League

Nicholas Ambrosino:               All-League

Michael Bailey:                       All-League, All-County (Honorable Mention)

Ian Carollo:                             All-League

Tim Colgan:                             All-League

Alex Jean:                                All-League

Matt Kruse:                             All-League

Daniel McKay:                         All-League, All-County (Honorable Mention)

Steve Medina:                         All-League

Jaden Mennella-Singleton:     All-League, All-County (Honorable Mention)

Vidit Parikh:                            All-League

Devin Scavuzzo:                       All-League

Vincent Tripi:                          All-League

Chris Ventre:                           All-League, All-County (Honorable Mention)






Girls Winter Track: Scholar-Athlete Team

Annaliese Fabrizi:                    All-League

Gia Giudice:                             All-League

Katie Houston:                         All-League

Jordyn McDonnell:                  All-League, All-County

Christina Molinelli:                 All-League

Jessica Nischo:                         All-League, Academic All-County

Mikayla Pulido:                       All-League

Molly Ramirez:                        All-League

Jessica Sommers:                    All-League


Wrestling: Scholar-Athlete Team

Andrew Alfieri:                       All-League

Adam Barker:                          All-League

Michael Barker:                      All-League

Nick Cruz:                                All-League

Brian Eichler:                          All-League

Vinny Engel:                            All-League

Matt Keegan:                          All-League

Sean Lutin:                              All-League

J.T. Mankowich:                      All-League

John Mendes:                          All-League

Eric Wetherbee:                      All-League



Sachem Combined Team Postseason Award Winners



Boys Bowling: Scholar-Athlete Team

League Champions

Liam Beaucamp:                     All-League

John Clark:                              All-Conference

Justin DiMaggio:                     All-League

Hunter Levine:                        All-State

Nick Walker:                           All-League


Girls Bowling: Scholar-Athlete Team

Cira Arcangel:                         All-League

Nistha Boghra:                        All-Academic

Shannon Darby:                      All-Academic, All-League, All-County

Amanda Gildersleeve:            All-League, All-Academic

Emily Kulkarni:                        All-League, All-League

Kayla Manarino:                      All-Academic

Amanda Naujokas:                  All-League, All-County, All-State

Kristie Wadler:                        All-Academic


Boys Swimming: Scholar-Athlete Team

Sean Combs:                           All-League

Avery Davis:                            All-League, All-County

Mike Dowd:                             All-League, All-County, All-State

Ryan Engel:                             All-League, All-County

Quin Honan:                            All-League, All-County

Google Applications Bring Learning to Life


An exciting addition to a unit on ecosystems and food chains was incorporated during a recent activity at Merrimac Elementary School in Lisa Mazzaglia’s fourth-grade class, with help from Technology Integration Specialist Claudia Camassa.

As part of the students’ study on ecosystems and the elements they are composed of, students utilized iPads and the Google Expedition Augmented Reality program to see the food chain come alive. Looking through the iPad, students were able to point the devices at certain markers on the floor that created digitized models of components found in the food chain, such as producers, consumers, omnivores, herbivores, carnivores and scavengers. Among the animals that came to life through the digital software were bears, deer and vultures.

As a culminating activity, students organized a food chain from start to finish using each of the components they studied throughout the unit. 

Sachem Spellers Honored by Board of Education

Sachem Spellers Honored by Board of Education photo
At the most recent meeting of the Sachem Central School District Board of Education, members of the Board honored Krish Rashan, the winner of the annual districtwide Elementary Spelling Bee, and two students from each elementary school who were named the winner and runner-up of their respective building spelling bees. Students were congratulated for their tremendous efforts during each spelling competition and for their extraordinary spelling ability. 

Board of Education Honors Student-Musicians

Board of Education Honors Student-Musicians photo
Board of Education Honors Student-Musicians photo 2
On Feb.27, the Sachem Central School District Board of Education honored several outstanding student-musicians participating in the band, orchestra or chorus who were selected as the top musicians from their respective school by the Suffolk County Music Educators’ Association. 

Middle school students were honored as Division 2 selections and high school students in ninth and 10th grade were honored as Division 3 selections. 

Waverly Raises Awareness, Funds for St. Baldrick’s

St. Baldrick’s photo
St. Baldrick’s photo 2
St. Baldrick’s photo 3
St. Baldrick’s photo 4
Waverly Avenue Elementary School’s generosity and community spirit were on full display at its annual St. Baldrick’s Foundation event this year.

The school raised over $22,000 for St. Baldrick’s, an organization that raises money to fight childhood cancer. 

Historically, Waverly has carried the torch for Sachem in this specific fundraising effort, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars over the last decade. Other buildings across the district will hold St. Baldrick’s events throughout March.

This year’s honoree at Waverly, Kayla Sperro, was on hand as more than 45 students and staff had their heads shaved in front of a packed cafeteria. Sperro, 15, is a Sachem student who is batting osteosarcoma.

To learn more about St. Baldrick’s and donate to Waverly’s efforts, click here.

Elementary Day Information for the 2019-20 School Year


Sagamore Writers

Sagamore Writers photo
Twenty talented Sagamore 7th graders are published authors.  Their "Stranger Sagas" short stories were selected by the Young Writers Association, and published in an anthology of writers from New York.  Their stories are very creative and suspenseful.  We are very proud of their accomplishments!  If anyone would like to purchase a copy, please contact Mrs. Gennosa at Sagamore Middle School.

Amazing Art Displays

by Mahdi Hassanali

Did you notice some of the great art that is being displayed all across the school? Examples of this are the beautiful tree, the bulletin board displays, and the “Pop Up Gallery” that Ms.Grempel and Mrs. Parisi have been working on. Sagamore is extremely lucky to have these two art teachers, who are incredibly talented and have their mind set on making our school a better place. These extraordinary pieces shown below are made by students all across the building who have put in the time and effort to make them. Ms.Grempel and Mrs.Parisi have been hard at work trying to introduce art into our lives and definitely deserve a thank you. Next time you see one of these talented women, be sure to thank them for all they’ve done for our school.  


Middle School Musicians Share Experiences

Middle School Musicians Share Experiences photo
Middle School Musicians Share Experiences photo 2
Middle School Musicians Share Experiences photo 3
Middle School Musicians Share Experiences photo 4
Middle School Musicians Share Experiences photo 5
Fifth-grade music students recently visited middle schools throughout the district to prepare for the transition to middle school music programs. The visits are an opportunity for students to become better acclimated to the experiences they will encounter while practicing and performing on the middle school level. 

Each year, elementary school students across the district who participate in band, orchestra or chorus travel with their peers to the Sachem middle school they will attend. On this recent trip, the fifth-graders met with the music teachers they will learn from and gained key insight on things they may encounter as part of middle school music instruction. Continuing the experience, students joined their respective ensembles where they performed a series of warm-up exercises before performing as part of a large ensemble for the first time. 

Concluding the visit, fifth-graders asked the upperclassman questions about their music experience thus far and for advice on what to expect as they continue their musical careers after elementary school. 

Pulsera Project Creates Connection Among Cultures

Pulsera Project Creates Connection Among Cultures photo
Sachem High School North recently served as a gateway to vibrant cultural art as part of the Pulsera Project, which introduces the art of Nicaraguan artisans to people around the world.

Leading High School North’s effort, students from the Interact Club and Christy Zummo’s Spanish classes created a colorful display selling a vast collection of the handwoven bracelets, purses and headbands. The proceeds go directly to the Pulsera project, a nonprofit organization that connects Pulsera artists with well-paying, fair-trade jobs, scholarships, health care and access to housing for them and their families. Each unique piece comes with a tag that includes the artist’s name and photo so purchasers can see who their item was made by. 

Through the project, students learn about fair trade and social issues in Latin America and promote global citizenship throughout their school community. 

Chippewa Students Study the Science of Insects

Chippewa Students Study the Science of Insects photo

Chippewa Elementary School students were recently introduced to areas of biology and entomology with help from two assistant professors from the Department of Biology at Farmingdale State College.

Cell biologist Dr. Azad Gucwa visited Donna Gianfortone’s first-grade class and Laura Seguna’s fourth-grade class to guide students through a hands-on learning activity utilizing foldscopes and paper microscopes.

As part of an additional activity, Dr. Carly Tribull taught students about entomology and the importance of insects as she spoke about her unique collection of insects. 


Fun With Animation Lays a Foundation for Future Coding

Fun With Animation Lays a Foundation for Future Coding photo

An introduction to animation and code was part of a recent lesson for first-grade students at Grundy Avenue Elementary School, led by Technology Integration Specialist Claudia Camassa.

To begin the activity, Camassa read an excerpt from the Joshua Funk book, “How to Code a Sandcastle,” where students were introduced to popular coding terms like block code, sequencing and looping. Using iPads, students then accessed the coding program Scratch Jr. to choose a character, customize a background and then select commands for their character to follow.  

The activity was an excellent introductory experience for students, as they will participate in additional coding activities in the future. 


Fairy Tales Told by Technology

Fairy Tales Told by Technology photo
Fifth-grade students at Waverly Avenue Elementary School turned to technology to tell popular fairy tales during a recent English language arts activity in Kristina Fulcher and Danielle Sexton’s class. 

Using Ozobots, students retold the popular fairy tale “The Three Little Pigs” by sketching paths for the Ozobots to follow. Along the paths, students illustrated key moments in the story and added color elements to the paths that caused the Ozobots to spin before continuing on the path.   

As part of the unique activity, students explored the importance of several key story elements such as character development, plot and conflict. 

Sachem Creates a Buzz at Annual Brain Bee

Sachem Creates a Buzz and Annual Brain Bee photo
Six Sachem High School Science Research students from High Schools North and East attended the 2019 Long Island Brain Bee, held at the Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell on Feb. 9. 

Sachem High School East students Asweel Mehaboob, Zul Norin and Elizabeth Reimer joined Sachem High School North students Nistha Boghra, Amy Delury and Miranda Garcia-Cassani to attend the annual competition that gives interested students a venue to explore multiple disciplines associated with the study of the brain. The bee also exposes them to career opportunities in neurology, neurosurgery, psychology and neuroscience.

The one-day competition is comprised of three components: a written test on brain facts, laboratory demonstrations on normal and pathological human brain and spinal cord specimens, and a test to identify the anatomical structures and functions of a real human brain.

Senior Amy Delury placed third in this year’s competition, her third consecutive top three finish. 

Crazy Combination Creates a Sweet Reaction

Crazy Combination Creates a Sweet Reaction photo
Two popular sugary treats were the main components of a recent STEAM lesson for kindergarten, first- and second-grade students at Merrimac Elementary School that explored chemical reactions and states of matter. 

As part of the experiment, students attempted to predict the outcome of mixing Mentos candy with diet Coca-Cola. After writing their predictions, teachers Brooke Sarfati and Katy Wilkinson took the students outside to conduct the experiment. Swiftly dropping the Mentos into the soda created a fizzy stream that erupted towards the sky. Students observed in amazement until the majority of soda left the bottle. 

Following the experiment, students learned that the reaction was caused by nucleation which occurred on the porous surface of the Mentos candy, causing the formation of carbon dioxide molecules that needed to escape. 

Concluding the activity, students sketched their observations and viewed videos on similar experiments incorporating a variety of variables.  

Student Collaboration Highlights African-American History

Student Collaboration Highlights African-American History photo
A collaborative effort provided impressive results as kindergarten students in Jennifer Collins’ class joined their fifth-grade book buddies in Amanda Hallstein’s class at Chippewa Elementary School for a project that honored prominent African-American men and women in history.

As part of the project celebrating Black History Month, student groups researched information on their selected individual and created timelines using chronological order to outline their lives. While organizing the presentations, fifth-grade students focused on text structure to clearly and concisely deliver the information.  

Concluding the project, students presented their work to a room of their peers on the influential individual they selected. Among the prominent figures chosen were Fredrick Douglas, Barack Obama, Rosa Parks, Jackie Robinson and Harriet Tubman. 

Annual Convention Brings Specialists to Seneca

Annual Convention Brings Specialists to Seneca photo

Before midwinter recess, Seneca Middle School transformed into a bustling hub for art and literature as several established authors and illustrators visited to share their specialties with students as part of the annual Sene-Con convention, now in its second year.

Throughout the day, seventh-grade students traveled around the building to a number of classrooms dedicated to specific presentations by talented authors and illustrators from multiple disciplines. Origami artists Shrikant Iyer and Jacqueline Billig taught students precise folding sequences to form origami art creations, such as a swan, that the students practiced. Graphic designer and illustrator David O. Miller shared beginner tips for drawing in three dimensions. He continued his tutorial on the fundamentals of sketching by guiding students through several character drawings and emphasizing the students’ ability to create things with the technology available to them. 

An art workshop presented by Imagine That! introduced students to famous artist Jackson Pollack’s work where students learned about the artist before recreating his work using his unique drip paint style. Continuing the focus on art, Marvel artist Billy Tucci spoke to students about his approach to art and the hard work that lead to the position he holds today. Tucci displayed a collection of his work for students to see and answered numerous questions about his profession. Additionally, the Manga style of drawing prominent in Japan was represented by comic artist Misako Rocks! as she demonstrated the unique techniques associated with the medium. 

As part of a captivating combination of art and storytelling, Christopher Agostino painted several students’ faces to coincide with folktales he told from around the world. His theatric renditions of numerous folktales captivated his audience, some ending with a surprising reveal of the face he painted on his chosen volunteer. This year, students also learned tips and tricks from ventriloquist Jonathan Geffner as they practiced numerous techniques of the trade together. 

Another unique addition to this year’s convention was African fabric painting with Mrs. Cole-Lacey, in which students utilized paint and several pattern stamps to design and create a unique piece of art on a section of cloth. 

Living History Museum Celebrates Black History Month

Living History Museum Celebrates Black History Month photo

A celebration of African-American art, music and poetry recently took place at Sachem High School East as part of a Harlem Renaissance Living History Museum in honor of Black History Month.

Led by members of the History Honor Society and club adviser Tracey Melandro, students created a vibrant display of African-American culture that highlighted achievements in art, music, literature and sports. Throughout this month, students researched a specific area of African-American culture and developed engaging ways to present the information to their peers. Some of the unique ways students presented the information was by creating a “poet tree” where students added pieces of poetry, a station where students could recreate art from the Harlem Renaissance and another station where they could add a note to a board about what inspires them. 

While the museum was open, high school students across grade levels patiently waited to view each informative display highlighting some of the most prominent African-Americans in history. 


Students Put Their Heart Into Breakout EDU

Students Put Their Heart Into Breakout EDU photo

A collaborative effort among students was key to cracking the code during a recent Valentine’s Day-themed Breakout EDU activity in Allison Poffenbarger’s third-grade class at Grundy Avenue Elementary School.

As part of the challenging activity, students were tasked with solving multiple puzzles to get clues that would provide the combinations for a series of locks. The students’ goal was to open the box that held Cupid’s bow and arrows after he locked them in the box last year and forgot the combination. 

Working together, the student groups successfully solved each puzzle and unlocked the box.  


Wenonah Cares Supports North Shore Animal League

Wenonah Cares Supports North Shore Animal League photo
The latest service learning project from Wenonah Elementary School was to support animals.

The Wenonah Cares organization and Building Leadership Team completed a project dubbed “Be a Friend to Paws and Claws.”

Students and staff collected pet supplies and donated over 180 items to the North Shore Animal League. 

Follow @WenonahSchool on Twitter to learn more about all of the wonderful community service programs at Wenonah happening throughout the school year.

Gaining Essential Insight Through Talks on Technology

Gaining Essential Insight Through Talks on Technology photo
Library media specialists from across the Sachem Central School District recently gathered at the Sachem High School North library for an informative professional development opportunity that emphasized best practices for students and staff when utilizing the numerous educational technologies available to them. 

As part of the workshop, the library media specialists explored key areas of technology such as tech literacy, the capabilities of connecting coding and curriculum concepts, and the fundamentals of keyboarding. In addition, the expansive training opportunity emphasized the importance of online safety and the dangers of cyberbullying, including ways to immediately enhance the understanding of these essential areas and foster the positive practices of productive digital citizens. 

Sachem North Captures NYS Cheerleading Championship

Sachem North Captures NYS Cheerleading Championship photo
Sachem North cheerleading put a cherry on top of its season by capturing a New York State championship.

The Flaming Arrows traveled to Rochester, New York, and came home with a Division I Large School title. This was the encore performance to winning a Suffolk County title just weeks ago.

Sachem shared the state spotlight with Rocky Point and Mount Sinai, helping in a trifecta win for Section XI, as all three won state titles in their respective divisions. 

More images and clips from the tournament are available on the @SachemSchools Twitter feed.

Sachem Students Shine at Prom

prom pic
On Feb. 8, three Sachem students attended the fifth anniversary of Night to Shine, an unforgettable prom night experience for people with special needs ages 14 and older.

Together, Sachem students Samuel Crean, Shane McCue and John Wylie arrived at the prom in a limousine and each student was named prom king of the joyous event before they enjoyed dancing and enjoying a fun time with their peers.  

Taking a Bite Out of the Breakfast Industry

Taking a Bite Out of the Breakfast Industry photo
Taking a Bite Out of the Breakfast Industry photo 2
Students at Sachem High Schools North and East interested in careers in marketing gained valuable industry insight through hands-on experience as part of a recent project in William Ward’s College Marketing class. 

The project challenged students to design their own unique breakfast cereal and create a marketing plan to accompany their product. As part of the marketing plan, students needed to identify their target market, develop product ideas, and collaborate with their group members to choose a cereal name, packaging, distribution outlets and price. The intricate product designs mirrored those of cereals found in grocery stores now including nutritional facts, games and bar codes. 

To conclude the project, students delivered presentations that grabbed the attention of their audience and persuaded them to invest in the cereal they created.  

Studying the Science of Natural Disasters

Studying the Science of Natural Disasters photo
Studying the Science of Natural Disasters photo 2
Studying the Science of Natural Disasters photo 3
Towering waves, structure-shaking winds and ground-crumbling earthquakes were all topics of discussions in Caitlin Thompson’s Natural Disasters class at Sachem High School East, a science elective for students in 10th, 11th, and 12th grades. 

As part of the course, students learned about natural disasters that occur around the world, such as earthquakes, volcanos, wild fires, tornados, blizzards, floods and plagues. Students examined numerous causes of these disasters using knowledge from several specific areas of science, including meteorology, geology and Earth science. 

During a recent activity examining the power of hurricane-force winds, students were tasked to construct a miniature hurricane-proof building with the ability to withstand extreme winds. Using tape, pipe cleaners, string and tongue depressors, students assembled buildings capable of holding the load of a tennis ball while also withstanding high winds simulated by a fan. 


District Crowns Top Speller at Annual Spelling Bee

District Crowns Top Speller at Annual Spelling Bee photo
A faceoff between the top 20 Sachem spellers took place during the annual fifth-grade districtwide spelling bee on Feb. 6 at Grundy Avenue Elementary School.

For more than 20 years the Sachem Central School District has showcased the top two spellers from each building at the districtwide event. As champions on the building level representing their respective elementary schools, the 20 word wizards met for a chance to be named the top speller. This year’s bee was judged by a trio of Sachem administrators, Nokomis Elementary Principal Denise Kleinman, Wenonah Elementary Principal Christine Dipaola and Waverly Elementary Principal Thomas Desmond, with Grundy Avenue Elementary School Principal Laura Amato serving as the official pronouncer. 

At the conclusion of the intense competition, Krish Rajan from Grundy Avenue Elementary School was named the winner after successfully spelling “preamble.”  



Important June 2019 Calendar Announcement! DATE CHANGE

Merrimac Elementary 5th grade moving up will take place at Sachem East High School on Wednesday June 19, 2019 at 5pm.

Waverly Elementary 5th grade moving up will take place at Sachem East High School on Thursday June 20, 2019 at 7:30pm.

All other elementary schools 5th grade moving up ceremonies will take place as scheduled on the district calendar.

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