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Art Brings Literacy to Life for First Graders

Art Brings Literacy to Life for First Graders photo
A visit from Seneca Middle School students to Merrimac Elementary School during the school year showcased a creative connection between art and literacy, with the goal of encouraging young students to explore stories found in books.

Over the course of several months, eighth grade students in Jessica Ramsay’s class brainstormed ways to get younger students excited about reading. The art students decided they would create pottery to accompany a book they liked as a physical representation of a story’s character or something found within the story. Some student-groups took on the challenge of creating their own book, storyboarding ideas, drawing illustrations and writing the stories. As part of the creative process, students studied elements of design and the techniques necessary to create the clay sculptures they envisioned. 

“This project was fun because we were able to turn characters from a story into real life using clay,” eighth grade student Arianna Ciregna said. “The first graders get to see us older students create something as part of an interactive activity and see how far you can really take a project.” 

As the culminating event to the project, the Seneca students visited all Merrimac first grade classes, where they read their books and passed around the sculptures they created to bring their literature to life. 

Technology Creates Collaboration Among Community

Technology Creates Collaboration Among Community photo

Solder joined together more than wires during the Build It Forward Project at Sachem High Schools East and North as students worked collaboratively with the Sachem Public Library to assemble a pair of 3D printers constructed of mostly 3D printed parts.

The yearlong collaborative effort created an important community connection in which the Sachem Public Library aided students in the assembly of a fully functional 3D printer. Working to construct individual printing devices, 3D Printing students at High School North and Computer Repair Technician students at High School East conferred with library staff as they referenced plans and printed parts of the printer on a 3D printer they had in the classroom. 

“Pooling our resources and working with open source designs and software, our students can collaborate in the planning, printing, building and even refining of the parts and pieces necessary for the project,” said Administrative Assistant for Instructional Technology Jack Renda. “As we integrate with our technology department and the focus of our elementary STEAM lessons in problem-solving and innovating, we know this real-world application will be an outstanding learning experience.”

Together students reviewed the intricate plans before printing each piece of the printer that they were tasked with constructing. As part of the tedious construction process, students displayed their knowledge of wiring, electronics, electronic communication and the installation of firmware and software. 

With the completion of the extensive project, the connection will continue between the library and school district as they plan to utilize the two 3D printers to create other printers for middle school and elementary school buildings throughout the district in the future. 

“We are thrilled to be partnering once again with the Sachem Public Library on this project,” Renda said. “Together, we continue to build great relationships with our buildings and libraries, and are excited for the opportunity our students will receive learning in depth about the inner workings of these devices as we build them.” 

Tamarac Turns Back Time With Technology

Tamarac Turns Back Time With Technology photo

A study of a prominent point in history at Tamarac Elementary School led fourth grade students on a unique educational journey last school year that coupled elements of technology and history.

As part of the curriculum unit on the American Revolution, Tamarac fourth graders began their expansive history project by researching important figures such as Benjamin Franklin, Molly Pitcher, Paul Revere, Deborah Sampson and George Washington. To accompany their research, the creative students constructed bottle figures that replicated the figures they selected for their project. With help from technology integration specialist Claudia Camassa, students then utilized Scratch coding software and Makey Makey kits to animate their bottle characters with recordings of their voice to tell the story of their involvement in the American Revolution. 

At the culminating event for the project, students displayed their unique projects and bottle figures for an audience of family and friends to observe and experience the interactive presentation. 

2019 Summer Volleyball Clinic


Sachem North Students Set Sail

Sachem North Students Set Sail

Sachem High School North 8:1 special education students and Mr. Olsens’ senior social studies class enjoyed some fun in the sun this past school year as they attended the Special Education Fishing Trip out of Captree.

For more than 10 years, students have attended this exciting trip at the end of the year in a celebration of fun, fishing and friends. 


Sachem Board of Education holds annual reorganization meeting

Sachem Board of Education holds annual reorganization meeting photo
The Sachem Central School District Board of Education held its annual reorganization meeting on July 2, where new Board trustee Jim Kiernan, Alex Piccirillo and re-elected trustee Sara Wottawa were sworn into office by District Clerk Allison Florio to begin their three-year terms. Laura Slattery was re-elected as the Board of Education president for the 2019-20 school year. 

Learning Practices to Preserve the Earth

Learning Practices to Preserve the Earth photo

Earth-conscious practices were at the forefront of a workshop conducted during the school year for first grade students at Lynwood Avenue Elementary School led by professionals from Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County.

As part of the Once is Enough educational program, students learned why it is important to reduce, reuse and recycle items they use each day. During the workshop, students were challenged to select whether an item should be composted, reused or recycled. Students also learned how to make recycled paper by adding shredded paper and water to a blender to create paper pulp. Students pressed the water from the paper pulp and let it dry to create their very own recycled paper. 

The visit served as a timely addition to the first grade project-based learning initiative in which students learn ways to reuse and recycle materials to benefit the environment. 


Board Honors Distinguished Retirees

Board Honors Distinguished Retirees photo
At the June meeting of the Sachem Central School District Board of Education, the district recognized a group of Sachem faculty and staff members who are retiring from their positions at the conclusion of the 2018-2019 school year. Among those honored for their years of dedicated service to the district were administrators, teachers, teachers’ aides, clerical staff, nurses, food service workers and bus drivers. 

In addition, Board of Education student representatives Nicholas Ambrosino and Kaylee Bowman were thanked for their time representing the students of both Sachem High School North and East. 

Sachem Spring Student-Athletes Garner Top Honors

Sachem Spring Student-Athletes Garner Top Honors photo

Congratulations to All-Sachem student-athletes for receiving postseason honors in their respective spring sport. 

These student-athletes are recognized for their accomplishments and exceptional performances. 

These recognitions are awarded by the New York State Public High School Athletic Association, Section XI, Suffolk County Coaches Associations, and other sports-related foundations.


Sachem East Postseason Award Winners

Baseball: Scholar Athlete Team

Kevin Carricato: All-League

Roman Dorosh: All-League, All-County

Andrew Oakland: All-Academic

Rafe Schlesinger: All-League

Don Willie: All-League, All-County


Boys Lacrosse: Scholar Athlete Team

Mike DeMola: All-Division

Mike Efron: All-Division

A.J. Kiernan: All-County

Timmy Livingston: All-County

Gino Luchetti: All-County

Luke Mangan: All-Division

Jack Murphy: All-Division

Rafael Rodriguez: All-Division


Girls Lacrosse: Scholar Athlete Team

Emily Allingham: All-Division, All-Tournament

Marissa Cuevas: All-County

Kaylee La Monica: All-Division

Kristen Shanahan: All-County, 3rd Team All-American

Rachel Weber: All-Division

Morgan Zimmerman: All-County Honorable Mention


Softball: Scholar Athlete Team

League Champions

Jessica Berger: All-Division

Lauren Lucas: All-League, League 1 Field Player of the Year, All-County

Mikayla Manalo: All-Division

Hailey Puglia: All-County, Exceptional Senior Game Offensive Player of the Game

Gabrielle Visconti: All-Tournament Team Large School


Boys Track: Scholar Athlete Team

Christian Berberich: All-League, All-Division

Ryan Famiglietti: All-League

Vito Giambanco: All-League

Mark Kmiotek: All-League

Dan Leonard: All-League, All-Division

Michael Mullen: All-League

Matthew Pietzak: All-League

Adriel Robinson: All-League, All-Division


Girls Track: Scholar Athlete Team/League Champions

Jasmine Ahmed: All-Academic, All-League, All-Division, All-County

Marcela Araujo: All-League

Angelina Colon: All-League, All-Division

Arya Deshpande: All-League

Lindsay Dodenhoff: All-League, All-Division, All-County

Amanda Harnos: All-League

Farah Kuchicki: All-League, All-Division

Kayla Manel: All-League

Chiara Marziali: All-League

Sabrinna Mena: All-League

Julianna Mercado: All-Academic, All-League

Arianna Moore: All-League, All-Division

Anna Murphy: All-League, All-Division

Victoria Scheller: All-League

Marissa Scimeca: All-League

Marissa Sciotto: All-League, All-Division

Lauren Trejo: All-League, All-Division, All-County, All-State

Alexis Violi: All-League, All-Division


Sachem North Postseason Award Winners


Fred Forgione: All-League

Steven Kienzle: All-League

Frank Letterese: All-Academic

Jake Pierre: All-League, All-County


Boys Lacrosse Scholar Athlete Team

Matthew Griffin: All-Division

Ryan Kinsley: All-Division, All-County

Anthony Mancino: All-Division, All-County

Christian Quadrino: All-Division, All-County

Frank Quadrino: All-Division


Girls Lacrosse: Scholar Athlete Team

Corinne Amato: All-Division

Erin Avanzato: All-County Honorable Mention

Megan Biase: All-County

Cassidy Griffin: All-Division

Alyssa Licata: Overall Division 1 Unsung Hero

Gianna Mott: All-Division

Carolyn O’Brien: All-County, All-American Honorable Mention


Softball: Scholar Athlete Team

Kyra Bello: All-Division

Samantha Butler: League 1 Pitcher of the Year, All-County

Keira Mahoney: All-County

Jacklynn Sidito: All-League


Boys Track: Scholar Athlete Team

Nick Ambrosino: All-League

Joe DiChiara: All-League, All-Division

Mike Fasano: All-League

Elijah Menella-Singleton: All-League

Jaden Manella-Singleton: All-League, All-Division

Vidit Parikh: All-League

Vin Tripi: All-League

Chris Ventre: All-League

Pat Wisti: All-League


Girls Track: Scholar Athlete Team

Analiese Fabrizi: All-League, All-Division, All-American

Amber Farruggio: All-League, All-Division, Academic All-County

Kayla Garcia: All-League 

Gia Giudice: All-League, All-Division

Catherine Houston: Academic All-County, All-Division

Jayda Jones: All-League

Jamie Loyst: All-League, All-Division

Jordyn Mcdonnell: All-League, All-Division, All-County

Bella Molinari: All-League, All-Division

Jess Nischo: All-League, All-Division, Academic All-County, All-County

Lexi Panagatos: All-League

Molly Ramirez: All-League, All-Division

Emma Rowan: All-League


Sachem Combined Team Postseason Award Winners

Girls Golf: Scholar Athlete Team


Boys Tennis: Scholar Athlete Team/All-Academic Team

Griffin Bello: All-Division

Jeremy Borsuk: All-League

Phillip Filipkowski: All-League

Tanay Karnik: All-League

Sam Middleton: All-County

Arif Rashid: All-League

Tommy Syron: All-Division

Joseph Traina: Sportsmanship Award


Sachem East Celebrates 2019 Graduates

Sachem East Celebrates 2019 Graduates photo

A sun-filled sky greeted an enthusiastic crowd of family, friends and distinguished guests at the Sachem High School East commencement ceremony on June 27, honoring the tremendous achievements of the Class of 2019 and wishing them well as they begin the next chapter of their lives.

As a sea of seniors took to the field adorned in red caps and gowns, the 15th commencement ceremony at Sachem East began with the Pledge of Allegiance, led by the graduates who would be entering a branch of the armed services. 

High School East Principal Louis Antonetti offered the seniors a noble challenge to stand above the rest as they embark on their future journeys. “What is common in the world is people who see problems, complain and critique,” he said. “Be uncommon, be part of the group that finds solutions and stays positive, and always have the mentality of ‘I will find a way.’” 

During a lighthearted address that followed, valedictorian Vincent Zhang concluded his speech with words of encouraging advice directed at his fellow graduates. “Persistent self-reflection is the only way we are able to judge our success and, ultimately, the legacy we leave for others,” he said. “The relationships, memories and experiences you make will define your impact on yourself, on others and on society, so do not be afraid of change. It is the only way we can reach our best self.”     

Class President Joseph Traina then delivered a celebratory speech that turned back time and emphasized memories from the Class of 2019’s collective experiences that made their journey as Sachem students special. 

As superintendent of schools, Dr. Kenneth Graham reflected on all that the graduates have achieved and he spoke with great promise of what they will accomplish in the future. “This class has been involved with so many actions to make positive changes in the community,” he said. “Our students have been involved in food drives, blood drives, St. Baldrick’s and even fundraisers for one of Sachem East’s own students battling cancer. The actions of each and every one of our graduates have made and will continue to make a big impact on the world around us.” 

As the congratulatory remarks concluded and the diplomas were presented, family and friends cheered emphatically as the new graduates threw their caps toward a setting sun, exiting the field as alumni of Sachem High School East. 

Annual Commencement Celebrates High School North Class of 2019

Annual Commencement Celebrates High School North Class of 2019 photo

Smiles and cheers from family and friends welcomed a distinguished group of graduating seniors on June 28 to the Sachem High School North commencement ceremony honoring the Class of 2019 and celebrating their plentiful accomplishments.

As “Pomp and Circumstance” carried through the air, the excited graduates took the field at Fred Fusaro Alumni Stadium for the last time as students of the Sachem Central School District. The commencement exercises then began with the national anthem performed by the Sachem North Symphonic Choir Seniors, conducted by Cara Caliendo. 

Principal Patti Trombetta began her address by recognizing several students who would be entering the armed services following graduation. As she continued, her address gracefully outlined the wishes she had for the Class of 2019 as they move into the future. 

“I wish you always play hard, take chances, give everything and have no regrets,” she said. “Every day, take a moment to just take it in. You owe it to yourself to make the most of every moment.”

Assistant Principal Coleen Flanagan then presented the top 25 academic students with medals, ending with salutatorian Miguel Maramara and then welcoming valedictorian Amy De Lury to the stage to address her fellow graduates in a speech that highlighted the unique nature of the school community they shared. 

“I look at the Class of 2019 and I see so many differences between us – whether it be religion, beliefs, culture, interests or career paths,” she said. “In a class of 527 seniors, there are so many differences between us. Yet I can see similar traits between all of us as well – our kindness, our achievements, our sense of humor and our acceptance of what’s to come. And then there is a factor that united us all – the Sachem community.”

Continuing the ceremony, Class President Lauren Breuer delivered a heartfelt speech to her classmates that reflected on their time as Sachem students, the plentiful lessons they learned together and how they will apply their experience to thrive in the future.

Presenting the Class of 2019 was Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kenneth Graham, whose speech empowered students to embrace the changes that lie ahead. “By adapting to the changes ahead of you, being malleable, you will be better prepared to face and overcome challenges,” he said. “Life after Sachem schools is going to present new, exciting and tough challenges to each of you. I hope that you are better prepared to face these challenges as a result of your experiences here in Sachem, and I hope you are ready to change!”

After the final diplomas were presented, cheers echoed across the field as students propelled their caps to the sky, exiting the field as alumni of the Sachem Central School District. 


Italian Classes Travel to the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Italian Classes Travel to the Metropolitan Museum of Art photo
On Wednesday, May 29, Mr. Massimo’s and Mrs. DiMaggio’s Italian 4 Honors classes from both Sachem High School North and East went on a field trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan.  

For the last few weeks, students in Italian 4 Honors have been learning all about the Italian Renaissance and its contributions to the modern world. They explored a variety of topics, such as how the architectural innovations of Brunelleschi and the inventions of Leonardo DaVinci would change the world. Students were introduced to some of the masters of Italian art, such as Bernini, Botticelli, Donatello, Michelangelo and Raphael, as well as other important figures of the time like Machiavelli and Galileo. 

To enhance the experience, Mr. Massimo came up with a scavenger hunt that would challenge the students while they strolled through one of the greatest museums in the country. Working in teams, students had to use what they learned in class to decipher clues that would lead them to not just the paintings and sculptures of Italian masters such as Bernini, Canova, Caravaggio and Michelangelo, but also to other famous masterpieces from all over the world, such as the paintings of Monet, Rembrandt, Vermeer and van Gogh, and the sculptures of Rodin and Degas, just to name a few.  

As they wandered through the halls of the Met, students had the chance to appreciate more than just art. They discovered artifacts from ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, weapons and armor from the Middle Ages, and rare musical instruments, such as Stradivari violins and the world’s oldest piano, not to mention the rock-and-roll exhibit.  

After leaving the museum, students ate their lunch in beautiful Central Park before boarding the bus back home.  

The field trip was a wonderful experience for everyone. For many, it was their first visit to the Met; for others, their first to a museum. Students seemed to truly appreciate being able to see for themselves, in person, beautiful works of art by the world’s greatest masters and amazing artifacts from all over the world and from throughout human history. However, what really made the trip special was how it brought to life so much of what they have learned in the classroom.   

Care Bears


This year Sagamore 6th and 7th graders made over 48 Care Bears in Family and Consumer Sciences. This project was part of a community service unit.  The bears were distributed to local Fire Departments and Police Stations for children involved in a crash, fire or some sort of trauma.  Our Sagamore students did an outstanding job!!



Wenonah Celebrates Flag Day With Patriotic Display

Wenonah Celebrates Flag Day With Patriotic Display
Wenonah Celebrates Flag Day With Patriotic Display 2
Wenonah Celebrates Flag Day With Patriotic Display 3
Friends and family recently gathered at Wenonah Elementary School’s cafetorium for a patriotic ceremony and a presentation by third grade students honoring the extensive history and heritage of the American flag. 

As part of the patriotic display, students dressed in red, white and blue read poetry that included facts about the American flag. Students also performed a collection of patriotic songs such as the national anthem, “Yankee Doodle Dandy” and “God Bless America.” 

Concluding the ceremony, a group of students performed a flag-folding display before students exited the cafetorium to the song “You’re a Grand Old Flag.”

Student Standouts Inducted Into National Honor Societies

Student Standouts Inducted Into National Honor Societies photo

This year, hundreds of students at Sachem High School East and North joined illustrious groups of students across the United States as they were inducted into national honor societies for several academic topics. Inductees were honored for their accomplishments in ceremonies that celebrated their high level of achievement in each area.

The students’ profound dedication to academic excellence earned them spots in the Art, Business and Marketing, English, Foreign Language, History, Math, Science, Technical and Tri-M national honor societies. 


Nokomis Partners With Last Chance Animal Rescue

Nokomis Partners With Last Chance Animal Rescue
Two fifth grade classes at Nokomis designed and ran a donation drive to benefit Last Chance Animal Rescue.  

Organized by teachers Jen De Carlo, Lisa Grant and Robyn Grieco, their efforts generated $500 in donations, as well as food, toys, beds and supplies that can be used at adoption events each weekend.

Students created flyers, wrote and presented commercials, made posters and collected items for dogs and cats in foster care. They also sold bracelets during lunch periods to raise funds. 

Diane Magnani and Jenny Adams, representatives from Last Chance Animal Rescue, visited the school to thank the classes for their amazing work.

Schools Recognized as High Achieving and High Progress Under New York’s Every Student Succeeds Act Plan

On June 18, the State Education Department identified 562 high-achieving and high-progress schools throughout New York State. Under the New York State Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Plan, Recognition Schools in the 2018-19 year have high academic achievement, student growth and graduation rate, and have made progress during the 2017-18 school year. Each Recognition School will receive a certificate of recognition from Commissioner MaryEllen Elia.

We are pleased to announce that Sachem High School East and Sachem High School North have earned this Recognition status. Recognition Schools are identified as such because they are among the top performing under ESSA for performance, student growth and/or graduation rate; met or exceeded either the school or state measures of interim progress for English language arts, mathematics, rate of chronic absenteeism, and college, career, and civic readiness.

There were 55 high schools on Long Island that earned this distinction, 25 of which are in Suffolk County. Congratulations to our students, teachers, administrators, staff and parents for their effort and achievement of such high recognition! 

Seneca Remembers National Heroes

Seneca Remembers National Heroes photo

Last month, in honor of Memorial Day, Seneca Middle School students, staff and community members honored past and present veterans for their service and sacrifice to our country at the inaugural Field of Honor Ceremony.

In a patriotic display of their collective support, flags purchased by students in honor of military veterans, friends and relatives who served in the armed forces waved in front of the school. The proceeds that resulted from the day’s events were donated to the local Veterans of Foreign Wars organization and the Team Jesse Foundation, a group that provides support to the families of fallen soldiers. Additionally, over the course of the year a team of family and consumer science students arrived at school early each morning to bake cinnamon bits that were on sale throughout the building. Each year the students select an organization to donate their profits to, and this year the students chose to donate their proceeds to benefit veterans. 

During the ceremony, those in attendance recognized a number of honored guests, including members from the VFW Memorial Post 400 and John DiNaro, a local artist who created a sculpture that was placed alongside the display of flags to act as a monument of freedom for years to come. 

Accompanying the memorial ceremony were performances by student-musicians in the orchestra and band who performed songs throughout the event that included “America the Beautiful,” “God Bless America” and “The Star-Spangled Banner.” 


2019-2020 Elementary School Start and End Times

This is a reminder that the Sachem Central School District has made the following adjustments to the elementary school start and end times, effective September 2019.

Elementary School will be as follows:
Early buildings (Merrimac and Nokomis) 8am-2:30pm
Late buildings (Cayuga, Chippewa, Grundy, Hiawatha, Lynwood, Tamarac, Waverly, Wenonah) 8:45am-3:15pm.

These changes take effect for the 2019-2020 school year.

Information on the SCOPE Childcare program may be found at

Additional information regarding transportation and instrumental performing groups will be shared at a later date.

Students Share Stories of Strength

Students Share Stories of Strength photo
The speech-language department at Sachem High School North recently hosted an inspiring celebration in honor of disability awareness that showcased the courageousness of 12 incredible students.

For more than 15 years, students from the speech-language program have delivered heartwarming speeches outlining the struggles they have faced throughout their lives. 

In front of an audience of parents, faculty and fellow students, the speakers shared inspirational messages about how they overcame adversity to reach their goals both academically and in other aspects of their lives.  

“Your disabilities do not define who you are. It is only you who defines you,” senior Christina Aurisano said. “Other people perceive you; they do not define you.” 

The student presenters concluded their speeches by sharing their plans for the future and some hopeful words of encouragement for their peers who may also face adversity. 

Chippewa Hosts Annual Mini Marathon

Chippewa Hosts Annual Mini Marathon

Sweat, smiles and friendly competition were on display at the recent Chippewa Mini Marathon, where students, staff and family members ran in the annual race in honor of two former Chippewa students, Grace Peshkur and Josh Mileto.

For 12 years, the daylong event rich in tradition has drawn enthusiastic crowds of family and friends as they cheered on each grade level as they ran their designated course. Wearing their mini-marathon shirts donated by the PTA, fourth and fifth grade students completed a full-mile course; the other grade levels ran a shorter distance. Additionally, parents, teachers and Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kenneth Graham joined in on the day’s excitement as they completed the course. 

“Each year the enthusiasm has grown from the kids,” second grade teacher and event organizer Mary Bernhard said. “Students talk about setting goals, beating times and trying to do better than they did last year. What I have noticed over the years is the camaraderie that the students show for one another. Nobody crosses the finish line last or without cheers from the crowd supporting them to finish, whether it be walking, running or both.”  


Lynwood Hosts Autism Awareness Assembly

Lynwood Hosts Autism Awareness Assembly photo
In recognition of Autism Awareness Month this past April, Lynwood Avenue Elementary School fourth and fifth grade students gathered for a heartwarming assembly led by a pair of Lynwood alumni. 

Ryan Faivus and Sean Schneider, current seventh grade students at Sagamore Middle School, visited the school to share details of their friendship. Ryan is a student with autism who was befriended by Sean, who overlooked their differences and focused on their similarities, which built a long-lasting friendship. 

As Sean spoke to the Lynwood students, he reiterated the importance of not judging a book by its cover and that a lifelong friendship can start with something as simple as a hello. 

St. Joseph's 2019-2020 Girls Basketball


Merrimac Students Study Water Cycle

Merrimac Students Study Water Cycle
A flurry of facts filled the air at Merrimac Elementary School as fourth grade students learned about the aquifer system, precipitation and how Long Island is supplied with safe, clean water during an educational assembly program led by a representative from the Suffolk County Water Authority. 

During the assembly, students learned several interesting facts about the Earth’s composition, states of water and the processes which occur for water to be used in homes across Suffolk County. Additionally, students learned about the three layers of the aquifer system and how harmful pollutants can leach into our drinking water as they observed a groundwater simulator which mirrored this process. 

The engaging educational assembly program served as a timely addition to the fourth grade study of the water cycle. 

Student Creativity Shines at Annual Art Show

Student Creativity Shines at Annual Art Show

Sachem High School North special education students in Christine Baratta’s class displayed countless crafty creations as part of its annual art show at the conclusion of the 2018-19 school year.

In its sixth year at High School North, the art show was a culminating event to a yearlong exploration of numerous famous artists and their chosen mediums. Students created works of art inspired by famous artists’ works, such as Leonardo da Vinci’s rub art, Jasper John’s block art, Wassily Kandinsky’s concentric circles, Henri Matisse’s cut art, Henry Moore’s sculptures and George Seurat’s pointillism. Along the way, students learned about different art techniques, mediums and the many categories of art. 

The vibrant display was attended by fellow classmates, teachers, members of administration, members of the Board of Education, family and friends who were led throughout the art exhibit by the talented artists. 


Making Connections Through Conductivity

Making Connections Through Conductivity

A study of conductive materials connected directly to coding for fourth grade students in Lenore Lounsbury’s class at Wenonah Elementary School.

As part of the hands-on activity, students paired up to use the Makey Makey kits and explore materials that are conductive, such as carrots, celery and Play-Doh. Adding an additional component to the activity, students connected the Makey Makey kits to laptop computers where they used the Scratch coding software to animate a character. 

Using both technology components, students were able to code their character to complete a series of movements and commands using the wired circuits they created with the Makey Makey kits. 

Lynwood Takes the Top Spot in Dancing Competition

competition photo
A team of Lynwood Avenue Elementary School fifth grade students showcased their elegance and grace as they danced their way to a first-place finish at Dancing Classrooms Long Island’s Colors of the Rainbow Team Match on May 21 at Barton Elementary School in Patchogue. 

The team-based competition that included 60 students representing five schools from across Long Island was a community celebration for students who participated in the 10-week, 20-lesson Dancing Classrooms program. 

For 10 years, Lynwood fifth graders have participated in the dance programs that teaches eight ballroom dances, a line dance and a folk dance while incorporating elements important to dance such as teamwork, respect, self-confidence and nonverbal communication. 

Sachem High School East Valedictorian and Salutatorian Announced

valsal photo
Vincent Zhang and Joseph Nestor Tan are Sachem High School East Class of 2019’s valedictorian and salutatorian, respectively. Vincent and Joseph excelled and reached the top of their class through tireless persistence in academics.

Vincent is an accomplished science research student who this year was selected as a Regeneron Science Talent Search Scholar by the Society for Science & the Public. Among his other scientific accomplishments, Vincent presented his research at the 2018 Materials Research Society Conference in Boston and also presented his research on a study to identify gray matter lesions in the subcortical structures of the human brain brought on by multiple sclerosis at another conference last year. He is enrolled in a number of Advanced Placement classes, including Computer Science, Economics, English, Environmental Science, Government and Politics and Physics C. Complementing his impressive academic résumé, he is a member of Class Government and the Chess Club, the vice president of the Science Honor Society and the treasurer of the Math Honor Society. 

Salutatorian Joseph is a talented cello player who has performed in several prominent music festivals during his time in high school, including those hosted by the Long Island String Festival Association, the New York State Council of Administrators of Music Education and the Suffolk County Music Educators’ Association. In addition to his musical accomplishments, Joseph is enrolled in many challenging Advanced Placement classes such as Calculus BC, Chemistry, Comparative Politics, Computer Science, English, and Government and Politics. Beyond the classroom he is an active member of the Select Strings Ensemble, the treasurer of Class Government and the president of the Tri-M Music Honor Society. Joseph plans to attend Stony Brook University following graduation to study computer science with a minor in music. 

These two outstanding students will receive their diplomas with the Sachem High School East Class of 2019 at the commencement ceremony on June 27.

Sachem High School North Valedictorian and Salutatorian

valsal photo
Amy DeLury and Miguel MaraMara have been named the Sachem High School North Class of 2019 valedictorian and salutatorian, respectively. The impressive student standouts have displayed relentless commitment to academic excellence throughout their high school experience. 

Valedictorian Amy DeLury boasts countless academic accolades, including her participation in challenging Advanced Placement courses such as Calculus BC, English Literature, Economics and Physics C. Amy serves as an integral participant in the Economics and Finance Club and Model United Nations. In addition, Amy is an accomplished student-scientist as part of the High School North Science Research Program, where she earned the consecutive top three finishes in the Long Island Brain Bee and advanced to the second round of the prestigious Long Island Science and Engineering Fair. Adding to her long list of impressive academic accomplishments, this year she was selected as a finalist in the National Merit Scholarship Program. Amy plans to continue her academic journey at Johns Hopkins University where she will study neuroscience.

Miguel has a longstanding commitment to academic achievement which earned him the title of salutatorian for the Class of 2019. As part of his extensive résumé, Miguel is enrolled in Advanced Placement Biology, Calculus C, Economics, English, Psychology and Physics. Complimenting his challenging coursework, Miguel is a member of the Economics and Finance Club and the president of the Math Honor Society. Miguel aspires to attend Columbia University to study mechanical engineering on a premedical track. 

These two incredible students are set to receive their diplomas with the Sachem High School North Class of 2019 at the commencement ceremony on Friday, June 28. 

Waverly Artists Race the Clock During Competition

Waverly Artists Race the Clock During Competition
Waverly Artists Race the Clock During Competition
Waverly Artists Race the Clock During Competition
Waverly Artists Race the Clock During Competition
Waverly Artists Race the Clock During Competition
Anticipation hung in the air at Waverly Avenue Elementary School as teams of fifth grade student-artists raced the clock during the inaugural Art Chopped Competition, which mimicked the popular Food Network Television show “Chopped.” 

Over three rounds, students were provided with a box filled with various supplies and a list of specifications their artistic creation had to follow for that round. During each timed round, students worked expeditiously to create a work of art that met all of the specifications while using all of the materials provided. 

At the completion of each round, teams presented their work to a panel of three judges who judged the work based on creativity, collaboration and the use of materials. After each round, teams were eliminated based on the judges’ decisions until a winner was selected. 

Concluding a competitive final round, Team Powerful Painters was selected as the winner of the competition. 

Sachem North Rallies Behind Student Through St. Baldrick’s

Sachem North Rallies Behind Student Through St. Baldrick’s photo
Sachem North Rallies Behind Student Through St. Baldrick’s photo 2
Sachem North Rallies Behind Student Through St. Baldrick’s photo 3
Sachem North Rallies Behind Student Through St. Baldrick’s photo 4
Sachem North Rallies Behind Student Through St. Baldrick’s photo 5
Sachem North Rallies Behind Student Through St. Baldrick’s photo 6
Sachem North’s Interact Club recently held a St. Baldrick’s event to raise money for cancer awareness and research while rallying behind a student who has been battling cancer for the last five years. 

The club organized a day of events that was full of laughter, silly competitions and positive energy. Dominick Strebel is an incredible young man, full of life and energy, an honors student, social, involved in athletics and an all-around awesome kid who tries his hardest and never complains. What most people don’t know is that every day he is battling cancer and has been in treatment all year.  

During the weeks leading up to the St. Baldrick’s event, he was having a particularly difficult time with his treatment and struggled to make it into school. A group of nine of his friends stayed after school each day to help plan the events and fundraiser.  

“Our only goal was to make the day fun and positive for all students, as that is how Dom handles his struggles day to day,” said Sachem North Interact Club adviser, Christy Zummo.

Dom came to the event accompanied by his mother, father, uncle and grandmother, who saw him honored at the event that was inspired by his spirit.  

“The boys and Dom ran all of the events, and we got as many students from the stands involved in the competitions as we could – blanket drag, potato sack races, dizzy hockey stick, tug-of-war – even ending with a gymnasium filled with kids doing the Cotton-eyed Joe and other line dances,” Zummo said. “The day was filled with positivity, laughter, and hilarity, and we accomplished the goal of making our friend feel supported, loved and very special. He is not alone and has an army of support behind him. It was inspiring to be a part of. It was an uplifting day for all involved.”

To make it even better, the event raised more than $8,000 for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation. 

Business Students Take Learning Behind the Scenes

Business Students Take Learning Behind the Scenes photo
Sachem High School students recently gained valuable industry insight from numerous professionals in a vast range of career areas as part of the annual New York Jets Sports Business Day Career Exploration Field Trip at MetLife Stadium.

Students from Sachem High Schools East and North in Lisa Anthony’s and William Ward’s sports management classes learned from high-profile Jets executives whose roles are integral to the success of the Jets organization. Students participated in engaging conversations on the executive’s roles and how they obtained their positions. Throughout the day, students learned about marketing, media content, community relations, finance and accounting, team merchandise, information technology and event operations, among several other areas in the organization’s operation. 

As part of the unique experience, students were granted behind-the-scenes access to 10 key stadium locations, including the press box, locker room, premium clubs and the field. 

STEM Activity Challenges Talented Math Students

STEM Activity Challenges Talented Math Students photo
STEM Activity Challenges Talented Math Students photo 2
STEM Activity Challenges Talented Math Students photo 3
STEM Activity Challenges Talented Math Students photo 4
STEM Activity Challenges Talented Math Students photo 5
A group of high-achieving fourth and fifth grade math students at Chippewa Elementary School recently participated in a STEM challenge during an activity held for the Math Olympiads. 

During their recess period, a group of math super-students led by teacher Courtney Gordon challenged themselves with a STEM activity that required students to build the tallest tower possible using 12 plastic eggs and a small amount of Play-Doh. Working together, each student group developed a design for their tower and used problem-solving techniques to accomplish the task. 

Tamarac Showcases Student-Artists

Tamarac Showcases Student-Artists

Tamarac Elementary School recently transformed into an expansive art gallery where eclectic student art filled each hallway as part of the second annual art show, which displayed pieces from students across grade levels.

The buildingwide display featured creative projects that included Romero Britto-inspired animal paintings by kindergarten students, paintings inspired by the famous Henri Matisse goldfish painting by first grade students, onomatopoeia paintings accompanied by sculptures and a comic strip by second grade students, paintbrush sculptures and traditional porcelain Chinese plates by third grade students, International Women’s Day folk art by fourth grade students and self-portraits using Osmos and iPads by fifth grade students.

On the day of the art show, family and friends viewed the incredible displays of student work, which included a special blacklight room that illuminated select artwork from the year. 

Gives Kids a Smile Day


Sachem Hall of Honor Class of 2019 Honored

Sachem Hall of Honor Class of 2019 Honored
The latest class of the Sachem Hall of Honor was inducted on Saturday, June 1 at Sachem High School North.

Each year the Sachem Alumni Association honors its most successful alumni and puts their plaque on the wall in the center of the school. The Hall of Honor debuted in 2017.

This year’s inductees include:
Maureen Brush, Class of 1963, Sachem Teacher and Administrator.
Michael Cleary, Class of 1980, Founder and CEO, Canyon Consulting.
Frank Iacono, Class of 1987, Business and Finance Executive.
Scott Lewers, Class of 1983, EVP at Discovery Channel.
David J. Mehlhop, Class of 1982, Captain, U.S. Air Force.
Rudolph FX Migliore, Class of 1964, Attorney at Law.
Katie Siek, Class of 1996, Professor of Informatics at Indiana University.
Monica P. Wallace, Class of 1986, New York State Assemblywoman.
Lawrence Zacarese, Class of 1993, Assistant Chief of Police at Stony Brook University.

There are now 30 inductees who have received this prestigious honor since its inception.

Learn more about the Hall of Honor and the Sachem Alumni Association at

Students Celebrate Local Heroes

Students Celebrate Local Heroes
Earlier this month in recognition of Police Appreciation Week, students across the Sachem Central School District participated in a plethora of events and activities that honored men and women in law enforcement and their unwavering commitment to protect the citizens of the Sachem community. 

At Lynwood Avenue Elementary School, students welcomed members of law enforcement and first responders, including local volunteer firefighters, New York City firefighters and those working as emergency medical service members. Students thanked the brave individuals before asking them a series of prepared questions about their career. 

Additionally, students at Grundy Avenue Elementary School recently honored members of law enforcement at dismissal as students handed out thank-you cards on their way to board their school buses. 


Board Honors Esteemed Artists and Musicians

Board Honors Esteemed Artists and Musicians photo
Board Honors Esteemed Artists and Musicians photo 2
At the most recent meeting of the Sachem Central School District Board of Education, four talented high school student-artists were recognized for their success at a competition hosted by the Bay Area Friends of the Fine Arts.

Additionally, 25 exceptional student-musicians were honored for their outstanding performances that earned them high NYSMMA scores for their play on their respective instruments. 

Student-Athletes Commit to Future in College Athletics

Student-Athletes Commit to Future in College Athletics
Student-Athletes Commit to Future in College Athletics 2

At the latest national letter of intent signing day, dozens more of Sachem’s finest student-athletes committed to the next chapter of their lives.

At ceremonies at Sachem East and Sachem North, students took photos with their families and friends while signing their letters of intent.

Hundreds of student-athletes have signed with colleges at various points during the school year.

Sachem East 




Angel Pineda


Alfred State/DIII

Derek Harmsworth



George Doherty


Western Connecticut State University/DIII

Chris Bock

Men’s Lacrosse

SUNY Brockport/DIII

Gino Luchetti

Men’s Lacrosse

SUNY Farmingdale/DIII

Matteo Asher

Men’s Lacrosse


Michael DeMola

Men’s Lacrosse

SUNY Farmingdale/DIII

Tyler Jordan

Men’s Lacrosse

University of Scranton/DIII

Gabrielle Visconti


Kings College/DIII

Emily Allingham

Women’s Lacrosse

University of Rochester/DIII

Nicole Johnson

Women’s Lacrosse

SUNY Maritime/DIII

Olivia Vetter

Women’s Lacrosse

St. Joseph’s College/DIII

Joelle Vetter

Women’s Lacrosse

St. Joseph’s College/DIII

Kathy Lopez

Women’s Soccer

SUNY Farmingdale/DIII

Lauren Blando

Women’s Soccer


Jasmine Ahmed

Women’s Track

University of Scranton/DIII

Casey Biggers

Women’s Volleyball


Emily Venturi

Women’s XC & Track

St. Joseph’s College/DIII

Kaitlyn Curry

Women’s XC & Track

SUNY Farmingdale/DIII

Lexi MacAneney

Women’s XC & Track

Cortland State/DIII

Pyper Cline

Women’s XC & Track

St. Joseph’s College/DIII

Sachem North 




Frank Arena



Jake Pierre


Mount Saint Vincent/DIII

Connor Pietrowski



Lou LaRocco


SUNY Old Westbury/DIII

Frank Letterese


SUNY Farmingdale /DIII

Nick Canales


Wilkes University (PA)/DIII

Nick Gambino


Western Connecticut State University/DIII

Dominic Altrui

Men’s Soccer

St. Joseph’s College/DIII

Frank Letterese

Men’s Soccer

SUNY Farmingdale /DIII

Gabriel Cruz

Men’s Soccer

New Paltz/DIII

Kristian Diaz

Men’s Soccer

St. Joseph’s College/DIII

Liam Park

Men’s Soccer


Steven Rojas

Men’s Soccer


Bradley Anacreon

Men’s Basketball

Wilkes University (PA)/DIII

Cole Stassi

Men’s Lacrosse

Keiser University/NAIA

Frank Quadrino

Men’s Lacrosse

SUNY Brockport/DIII

Michael Bellomo

Men’s Lacrosse

SUNY Brockport/DIII

Michael Calpakis

Men’s Lacrosse

Suffolk County Community College/NJCAA

Sawyer Davis

Men’s Lacrosse

College of Mount Saint Vincent/DIII

Trey Aronow

Men’s Lacrosse

Western Connecticut University/DIII

Christine Esposito

Women’s Lacrosse

St. Joseph’s College/DIII

Jessica Nischo

Women’s Track & Field


Corinne Amato

Women’s Soccer

Rochester Institute of Technology/DIII

Kaila Hinchman

Women’s Soccer

SUNY Farmingdale /DIII

Lauren Makely

Women’s Soccer

Cedar Crest/DIII

Meaghan Lombardo

Women’s Soccer


Alexis Cavalieri

Women’s Volleyball

SUNY Farmingdale /DIII

Lauren Harmer

Women’s Volleyball

St. Joseph’s College/DIII

Carsyn Rachuta

Women’s Volleyball


Veronica Miessmer

Women’s Volleyball

St. Joseph’s College/DIII





Nokomis Cereal Drive Reaches 10,000 Boxes

Nokomis Cereal Drive Reaches 10,000 Boxes photo
Nokomis Cereal Drive Reaches 10,000 Boxes photo 2
Nokomis Elementary School made a delivery of 850 boxes of cereal to St. John’s Food Pantry. 

This is the ninth year the school has supported St. John’s with a delivery of cereal, bringing Nokomis’s all-time total to almost 10,000 boxes. 

The students from Mrs. Clifford, Mrs. Erb and Mrs. Gambino’s first grade class teamed up with Mrs. Coope and Mrs. Tutton’s fourth grade class to make this happen. 

Each day they collected, counted, reported and stacked the stage with this treasure. Many of the students met with their teachers at Stop and Shop, on a Saturday morning, where the community donated more cereal from their shopping carts.

Spring Student-Athletes Receive Golden Keys

Sachem student-athletes who have completed eight or more varsity athletic seasons from their sophomore through senior years were honored with a Gold Key Award from the New York State Public High School Athletic Association and Section XI, Suffolk County athletics.

Sachem North Gold Key Recipients
Matthew Aliano, Corinne Amato, Nicholas Ambrosino, Erin Avanzato, Ian Carollo, Giavanna Carr, Matthew Carr, Thomas Ciavarella, Timothy Colgan,     Danielle Czarnecki, Justin Droutman, Amber Farruggio, Dylan Kelly, Matthew Kruse, Sean Lutin, Deirdre Mc Breen, Jordyn Mc Donnell, Daniel Mc Kay, Jessica Mc Mahon, Gianna Mott, Angela Newland, Jessica Nischo, Carolyn O'Brien, Krista Ogden, Vidit Parikh, Mikayla Pulido, Emma Ramirez, Mary Reed, Maximiliano Rinaldi, Emma Rowan, Utsav Shah, Jessica Sommers, Vincent Tripi, Christopher Ventre, Patrick Wisti, Emma Zanfardino

Sachem East Gold Key Recipients 
Jasmine Ahmed, Nicholas Alonzo, Jeilyn Balbuena, Mason Bila, Pyper Cline, 
Alyssa Cortes, Kaitlyn Curry, Lindsey Dodenhoff, Ryan Famiglietti, Lauren Faust, Jared Jackson, Nicole Johnson, Anthony Licata, Lexi Mac Aneney, John Madigan, Isabelle Makinen, Sam Matlat, Daniella Meyer, Brooke Papele, Skylar Papele, Gianna Pepitone, Allison Rinfret, Dylan Lenin Santos, Jessica Schaefer, Jeremy Shaffar, Gillian Singer, Nicholas Stainkamp, Kaylee Vanella, Emily Venturi, Vincent Zhang

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