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Notice of Board Meeting Time Change: August 2, 2017

The time for the August 2nd Board of Education meeting has been changed to 8:30am.

Extended School Year Program Enters its 32nd Summer

Extended School Year Program Enters its 32nd Summer Photo

The Sachem Extended School Year Program was established 32 years ago to support the diverse needs of special education students within the district. Initially, the program was designed to provide the academic and social/emotional foundation that enrolled students need to successfully transition into the next school year but has since grown into something much more.

The students who attend the program are matched with some of the district’s most dedicated professionals and caring staff. Teachers, staff, parents, and students often refer to the program as the quintessential example of what the Sachem family is all about.

This summer, instruction in academics and life skills development in the SESY program has centered around the theme of safety. Students are being instructed in all aspects of staying safe – everything from playing in or near pools, being protected from the sun, and proper hydration, to traveling, personal, and stranger safety – is being integrated into their classroom and community-based instruction.

The talented and creative SESY staff have also incorporated STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Math) instruction into classroom lessons. Bree Bunse, a longtime SESY teacher, has brought the Next Generation Standards to the forefront this summer. For example, students have worked to advance their technology skills with iPads, 3-D printers and interactive computer software. They have also worked with K’nex, building three dimensional structures that combine engineering and creativity. The highlight of their STEAM work has been coding with colors and programing Ozobots to follow commands that they create using colored dashes.

Students in Jenny Lee Terzopoulos’ music classroom learned the importance of car passenger safety and the need to be prepared for an unexpected situation. The students also enjoyed listening to and singing along with such classical songs such as “Route 66,” “On the Road Again,” “Life is a Highway” and “Car Wash.”

ENL Summer School at Samoset

ENL Summer School at Samoset Photo
With the help of English as a New Language educators, Sachem’s kindergarten and secondary English as a New Language students are finding fun ways to build their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills this summer.

Primary students practiced kindergarten readiness skills by reading children’s literature.    Shadowing Sachem ENL educators, secondary students stared in their own weather reports and cooking demonstrations, as well as designed rockets with the help of Sachem High School East technology teacher, Keith Connelly. Students across the grade levels have also created reflection journals touching upon their personal journeys.

The ENL Summer School holds more benefit than just helping the students strengthen their understanding of English. For many students, this is the first opportunity to interact with the peers they will attend school with. Student Jassmin Guerra reflected upon the experience by saying, “ENL Summer School is helping us make new friends.” Senior Samira Rahman, who volunteered in the program added, “The program gives us a chance to communicate with peers and while building my resume for college by volunteering in the kindergarten room.”

Learning Continues through the Summer Months

Learning Continues through the Summer Months Photo

While the school year may be complete, learning has continued into the summer in Sachem. Camp Sachem, a student summer enrichment program, is underway and provides campers with a unique engaging educational experience.

Camp Sachem is held at Samoset Middle School from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. daily in two separate sessions spanning from pre-K through 8th grade. The program provides a stimulating educational experience spanning across multiple fields of study in an exciting way. Students will participate in activities such as Legoland, where they will learn about the construction of various structures by creating their very own Lego town. They will also practice kitchen safety and learn to follow recipes in chef school, and use balloons to explore how rockets work. An appreciation for art will also be encouraged by studying renowned artists and drawing inspiration for their own artistic creations. In addition to these activities, students will participate in various other educational projects at Camp Sachem.

On Friday, July 14, the students will host a Parent Showcase, where they will perform a short musical presentation, followed by a display of the amazing work they completed during their time at camp. Following the showcase, students in the Rocketry program will shoot off rockets, and chef school participants will prepare treats for their visitors to enjoy.

Sachem East and Sachem North Named NYSPHSAA Schools of Excellence

Sachem East and Sachem North Named NYSPHSAA Schools of Excellence Photo
Sachem High School East and Sachem High School North have been named as School of Excellence winners by the New York State Public High School Athletic Association.

Schools earn a School of Excellence award by having 75 percent of its varsity teams qualify for and receive the Scholar-Athlete team award. Scholar-Athlete teams require 75 percent of the team’s rosters grade point average be 90.00 or above.

There are only four other high schools in Suffolk County to earn this honor.

The purpose of the School of Excellence award is to unite varsity coaches in challenging their teams to achieve a statewide honor.  NYSPHSAA’s Scholar-Athlete team award was initiated in the 1991-1992 school year.

Sachem Honors Retirees at Board of Education Meeting

Retirees photo
At the June 21, 2017 Sachem Board of Education meeting, dozens of retirees from Sachem were honored for their service and dedication to the school district.

Below is a list of retirees and their years of service.

A special mention goes to sisters Bonnie Beyernheimer, Elizabeth Crowley and Marie Page, who are all retiring together this year. Their father John Beyernheimer was one of Sachem’s original administrators, and this fall will be the first time someone in their family is not working in Sachem in more than 60 years. 

We wish our retirees all the best in retirement.  Thank you to each of them for their hard work and passion towards serving our school community. #GoArrows

Name & Years of Service
Bonnie Beyernheimer, 32 years
Debra Boos, 25
Joyce Boyle, 18
Mary Capek, 32
Anna Chung, 9
Marianne Cinquemani, 20
Raymond Connolly, 28
Elizabeth Crowley, 36
Kathy Dawson, 28
Paula DeFilippo, 12
John Deluca, 31
Nicholas DiPeri, 9
Lynn Favorite, 30
Josephine Fumai, 15
Richard Gerkens, 19
Richard Ginley, 13
Johanna Gulay, 21
Gary Hallock, 27
Shaun Harney, 31
Douglas Heinlein, 10
Eugene Higgins, 33
Karen Hokansan, 28
Jill Hughes, 29
James Kalachik, 33
Cynthia Keith, 19
David Loehle, 35
Donald Mark, 7
Karen Meservy, 18
Joseph Murphy, 38
Barbara Murray, 29
Lori Nazzaro, 28
Donald O’Brien, 6
Judith Otto, 19
Ellen Padilla, 29
Marie Page, 30
Kathleen Polzer, 27
Therese Robinson, 30
Cynthia Rocco, 24
Patricia Scaturro, 33
Lisa Scrima-Castelli, 27
Linda Strong, 28
Debra Trudnak, 28
Marie Wyckoff, 16
Alexander Young, 33
Jane Zederbam, 20

Sachem East Graduation - Class of 2017

Class of 2017 Pic 1

Congratulations Sachem East Class of 2017!

Sachem North Graduation - Class of 2017

Class of 2017 Pic 1

Congratulations Sachem North Class of 2017!



Merrimac Student Inspired by Garden of Dreams

Click here to read more information about the story

June Guidance Memo


Getting to Know Sachem’s 2017 Valedictorians

Getting to Know Sachem’s 2017 Valedictorians Photo

It is a true testament of incredibly hard work to earn the title of Valedictorian and Sachem East’s Sophie Hannigan and Sachem North’s Erin Maryzek have both captured the high honor.

We sat down with them to get their thoughts on how Sachem has played a role in shaping their lives and set them up for the next chapter which they are about to embark on.

Sachem East, Sophie Hannigan

VIDEO: Click to watch video interview with Sophie!

Getting to know Sophie: Stony Brook Hospital volunteer, Brookhaven National Lab Gifted Math Program, wind ensemble, National Honor Society treasurer, New York State Math Honor Society vice president, and National History Honor Society public director. Sophie was a recipient of the Rensselaer Medal, a National Merit Scholarship Winner and a Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation Semi-Finalist.  She will study math at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

What did the Sachem experience mean to you: “To me, Sachem is family. It’s evidently a very large and sprawling district, but there is something really special about having the Sachem bond. There are people that I met this year from the complete other side of the district that I’ve never seen in my entire life, but just the fact that we all go to Sachem, it’s easy to strike up a conversation. They’re all very nice, caring people. The fact that parents who went to Sachem choose to stay within the district to raise their kids here, it really speaks volumes to the whole Sachem family.”

How has Sachem prepared you for the next chapter of your life? “Sachem has prepared me for the next chapter of my life by going beyond just teaching me academics. All my teachers are passionate about their subjects and you can tell they are genuinely passionate about what they’re teaching, but most importantly, they’ve been personally invested in the students. I can speak on behalf of my entire class that the teachers really do care about you. They want to make sure you’re not just finding success in the classroom, but they want to make sure you have a happy life. I’ve gotten so many pieces of advice from teachers across all different disciplines and it’s really stuck with me up until today what they’ve said, even if it’s from years ago. I think the life lessons have been equally as important, if not more important, than the academic lessons I’ve received.”

How has being a student-athlete made a difference in your life? “Being a student-athlete at Sachem has definitely forced me to learn some time management skills because there would be times when I just came home from practice or I just finished a match and I’d be exhausted and the last thing I wanted to do was start my homework, but I had no choice but to do that. Those skills have carried throughout my high school years. It’s helped me manage everything I juggle. Being a student-athlete has introduced me to the whole feeling of being on a team. It’s a built-in family. At the end of a long day, or if I have a rough day, I could be stressed or not have done well on a test or something, and I could just turn to my teammates for a laugh.”

Sachem North, Erin Maryzek

VIDEO: Click to watch video interview with Erin!

Getting to know Erin: Varsity field hockey captain, varsity winter and spring track, National Honor Society president, National History Honor Society member, Envirothon Club treasurer, National Merit Scholar and New York State Scholar Athlete. She will study chemistry at Northeastern University.

What did the Sachem experience mean to you: “Sachem gave me a lot of opportunities that I wouldn’t have had elsewhere. I had the opportunity to play three varsity sports and I’m in a lot of clubs like envirothon. I’m surrounded by teachers who push me to be the best that I can be. Even from kindergarten to now, I know I would not be where I am today without them, especially science teachers which have been a really big part of my life.”

How has being a student-athlete made a difference in your life? “Sports always have been a way for me to destress. I have a pretty crazy life, and so going to practice every day for two hours, to most people might seem like it’s adding on to the stress. For me it’s really a way to relax. It’s nice to not have to worry about being graded or doing homework, but to just have fun.”

How has Sachem prepared you for the next chapter of your life? “Sachem will help in my career and next steps in life in a lot of ways. I’ve had the opportunity to participate in envirothon, which is a club here. Envirothon taught me how to put together a project really well. It’s a big competition where you have to work with four other people and come up with an answer to a problem. I didn’t think I’d work so hard at something that is a made up scenario, but I don’t know if it was my friends doing it with me, or my teacher pushing me, but I love it and now as I go off into college I am going to be able to problem solve really well and be able to work with others to come up with a solution to something that may or may not be real, but is equally important either way.”

Meet Sachem’s Class of 2017 Salutatorians

Meet Sachem’s Class of 2017 Salutatorians Photo
With a district as big as Sachem, it’s a great honor to be in the top 100 of the graduating class, let alone in the top 10 or to be named Salutatorian.

For the Class of 2017, Alice Tsai has the honor of being the Salutatorian at Sachem East, while Claire Ramirez has the distinction for Sachem North.

Let’s learn more about these outstanding students!

Activities: Winter and spring track and field, varsity swimming captain, Tzu Chi Foundation volunteer, Math Honor Society president, Foreign Language Honor Society treasurer, National Honor Society, English Honor Society
College: Macaulay Honors College at Hunter College
College major: Science

Activities: Swim team captain, Math team president, Euro Challenge Competition team, National Honor Society communications director, Social Studies Honor Society, Foreign Language Honor Society, Science Honor Society 
College: Cornell University
College Major: Industrial and labor relations

Four Sachem Student-Athletes Named First Team All-Long Island

Four Sachem Student-Athletes Named First Team All-Long Island Photo
Four Sachem student-athletes from spring sports seasons were named First Team All-Long as selected by Newsday.

Congratulations are in order for the following student-athletes:
*Eve Calabria, Sachem North lacrosse: Calabria led Suffolk County with 60 assists and was fourth in Suffolk with 94 total points. Calabria will attend and play at Bucknell University. 

*Lauren Harris, Sachem East track and field: Harris is statistically the best high school racewalker in American history. She has set and broken basically every record in both indoor and outdoor competition over the last two years. Harris will attend Marist College and will aim at a long career in competitive race walking.

*Jonathan Lauer, Sachem North track and field: Lauer is finishing his prep career on a very high note as the New York State steeplechase champion. He will run at Columbia University.

*Chris Tibbets, Sachem North track and field:
Tibbets is one of the best distance runners in New York State, and finished his career as one of Sachem's all-time greats in various events in the fall, winter and spring.

Award Night

Award Night image
On June 8, 2017 high school seniors were honored at both the Sachem High School North and Sachem High School East Senior Scholarship and Awards Ceremonies.  Between the two high schools over $100,000 in scholarships and awards were given out to Sachem students.  Thank you to all of our community groups, families, and school groups who support these scholarships for our students.

Sachem’s Tech Education Program Allows Students to Flourish

Sachem’s Tech Education Program Allows Students to Flourish Photo

Sachem’s technology education program is offering real world experiences and training in the classroom each day. The Computer Repair Technology CTP program also had one of its most successful years to date.

A number of students earned certifications that they will be able to use in their lives and careers. These include:

  • 17 students NOCTI Certified and graduating with NYSED endorsement
  • 12 students PC PRO Certified
  • 2 students Security Pro Certified
  • 3 students Comptia A+ Certified
  • 2 students Comptia Security+ Certified

VIDEO: Click to watch a video highlight of this year’s program!

Sachem has 20-plus years of history with technology education students starting their own businesses, working for governments and municipalities and being hired by unions or schools to teach these disciplines.

There are also 12 seniors going to various colleges specifically for computer science or computer technology. Sachem also has one student attending the Suffolk County Community College manufacturing, and civil engineering programs.

Other students have earned work at the Town of Brookhaven, the Long Island Ecology Center and various plumbing and steamfitter unions.

In Sachem’s computer repair technician class, students take a three-period class each day. This is available to juniors and seniors and can be taken for one or two years.

In this class, students are submerged in the world of computer repair, networking, security, hardware, system design and other areas important to today’s technology infrastructure. Students also receive hands-on experience fixing computers from students, teachers, staff, and the community.

In the carpentry class, also offered for three periods to juniors and seniors at Sachem, students learn about surveying, foundations, framing, siding, roofing, residential electricity and plumbing and other areas of development and construction.

Students have worked on a number of projects around the district as part of their class curriculum, including the building of a complete home, main entrance reception desks at both Sachem East and Sachem North, book shelves in the elementary school, and other incredible additions in various buildings.

Wenonah Student Wins Honorable Mention at BNL Science Fair

Wenonah Student Wins Honorable Mention at BNL Science Fair Photo
Wenonah Elementary fourth grader Emily Belyansky won Honorable mention at this year’s Brookhaven National Lab Science Fair.

Belyansky’s project studied fire resistant balloons. She researched why and how the balloon doesn’t pop.

“One time, I saw a guy lighting up a candle and letting the fire touch an inflated balloon,” she wrote on the project’s description board. “It didn’t pop! After that, he showed that the balloon had water in it. Ever since, I’ve been wondering if the temperature of the water matters. I thought that this would make a great science fair project.”

Sachem East Girls Track & Field Captures Third Consecutive County Title

Sachem East Girls Track & Field Captures Third Consecutive County Title Photo
Sachem East Girls Track & Field Captures Third Consecutive County Title Photo 2
"It was the best of times, it was the best of times."

Not exactly what Dickens wrote, but definitely what he would have written about the performance of the Sachem East girls track and field team at the 2017 Suffolk County Spring Track Championships.

Two days of season bests, personal bests, and school records that enabled the Sachem East to dominate the action, winning the meet with 133 points over second place Ward Melville (73 points) to win their third consecutive spring county title.

"Enjoy this moment," Coach Schaub said strongly as he handed the championship plaque to the seniors. "You worked very hard for this and had an incredible meet!"

In addition to the team title, this squad crowned four individual event champions, with two school records set in the process. Kaitlyn Famiglietti won the 400 hurdles, Lauren Harris the 1,500-meter race walk, and school records were set by Jeilyn Balbuena while winning the 100 hurdles, and Jasmine Ahmed while winning the pentathlon.
Sachem East was the only team to score in all event areas as jumps, throws, sprints, distance, and relays were all areas where the Arrows racked up points.

The Arrows placed multiple scorers in a number of events, with the 1, 3, 5 finish in the 400 hurdles (Famiglietti, Skylar Papele, Angela Calabrese) and the 1, 2, 3 finish in the 1,500-meter race walk (Harris, Margaret Atwood, Chelsea Benedict) blowing the meet wide open.

Sachem East closed out the meet by being the only team to score in all three relays.

Next up for Sachem is the New York State Qualifier next Friday and Saturday at Port Jeff High,  the New York State Championship in Binghamton the following weekend (for those that qualify), and then Nationals in North Carolina for the handful who have hit the national standards.
Sachem East Top Finishers at 2017 Suffolk County Championship
•    Pentathlon: 1- Jasmine Ahmed, 2458 points (School Record)
•    100 Hurdles: 1- Jeilyn Balbuena, 15.29 (School Record)
•    400 Meters: 8- Brooke Papele, 59.83
•    800 Meters: 3- Shayna Arrigo 2:19.64, 5- Rachel Ruggiero   2:20.17, 6- Bridget Abraldes   2:20.52, 7- Melissa Merone 2:21.13
•    400 Hurdles: 1- Kaitlyn Famiglietti   63.29, 3- Skyler Papele   65.24, 5- Angela Calabrese   66.84
•    3000 Meters: 2- Lindsay Dodenhoff   10:06.87
•    Long Jump: 4- Alice Tsai   16' 9.5"
•    Pole Vault: 10- Jordan Messineo   8' 6"
•    Discus: 3- Erin Leonard   111' 1, 6- Rosalie Gandarillas   100' 3"
•    Steeplechase: 5- Melissa Merone   7:29.79, 10- Allison Rinfret   8:05.05
•    1500 Meters: 2- Lindsay Dodenhoff   4:51.37, 3- Rachel Ruggiero   4:54.77
•    Shot Put: 4- Rosalie Gandarillas   35' 5.75", 5- Christina Artusa   35', 8- Michaela Parker   34' 1.5"
•    Triple Jump: 4- Emily Schatz .  35' .5"
•    1500 Race Walk: 1- Lauren Harris   6:37.43, 2- Margeret Atwood   6:57.01, 3- Chelsea Benedict    7:04.04, 7- Sam Piezzo   7:40.04, 10- Amanda Harnos   7:43.48
•    4x100 Relay: 5- B. Papele, Angela Consalazio, Tsai, Balbuena   51.08
•    4x400 Relay: 2- Famiglietti, Consalazio, B Papele, S. Arrigo   4:04.29
•    4x800 Relay: 2- Abraldes, S. Arrigo, Merone, Dodenhoff   9:38.72

North Boys Track and Field Team Has Outstanding Showing

North Boys Track and Field Team Has Outstanding Showing Photo
North Boys Track and Field Team Has Outstanding Showing Photo 2

The Sachem North boys track and field team had an outstanding showing at this year's New York State qualifying meet at Port Jefferson on Friday and Saturday.

Chris Tibbetts, Chris Fasano and Jonathan Lauer all won titles at the event. Lauer recorded the fastest time in the United States this season in the 3,000-meter steeple chase.

Here's a rundown of the three athletes' performances:

Chris Tibbetts

  • 1,600-meter champion, 4:14.37, new school record, fastest time in NY State
  • Made his move with 300 meters to go and never looked back finishing four seconds ahead next runner
  • 3,200-meter champion, 9:21.10
  • Beat Isaiah Claiborne from Northport, who beat Tibbetts in four previous match-ups
  • Ran a very strategic race, choosing not to lead and to kick earlier than he normally does
  • Ran his last ¼ mile in an astonishing 54.5

Chris Fasano     

  • Discus Champion, 175’ 11”, New School Record, No. in New York State
  • Had a great progression of throws building up to his final record setting throw 
  • 2nd Place Shot Put (State Qualifier), 57’ 1/2 ", season high, No. 7 in NY State

Jonathan Lauer        

  • 3,000-meter Steeplechase Champion, 9:14.14, New School, Meet and county record, fastest time in NY State, fastest time in the U.S.
  • The victory was redemption for Jon when he beat Michael Grabowski from Smithtown West.  Grabowski set the Suffolk Record back in May when he beat Lauer by .53 at St. Anthony’s

Lynwood Avenue Elementary Competes at Destination Imagination Global Event

Lynwood Avenue Elementary Competes at Destination Imagination Global Event Photo
Lynwood Avenue Elementary Competes at Destination Imagination Global Event Photo 2
This year a team of third grade students from Lynwood Avenue Elementary competed at the Destination Imagination Global Tournament in Tennessee.

During the Global Finals, there were 50 teams in their challenge category. Lynwood finished the competition with a rank of 33rd in their challenge category.  This was quite a feat as they were one of the youngest teams competing, with most teams being composed of fifth graders.  

During their trip to Global Finals, the team had the opportunity to showcase their challenge solution to a larger, more diverse audience at a global level.  

Students were also able to experience how other students from around the world solved their challenge.  There were many opportunities to interact with other cultures through International events as well as pin trading throughout the tournament.

During the International Block Party, students were greeted by ambassadors from other countries as well as sampled foods from a variety of these nations. These nations included: Turkey, China, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, South Korea, Poland, Qatar, and Mexico as well as many states throughout the U.S.  The students were extremely excited to explore, learn from and communicate with students from other countries.

In addition, Global Finals participants were provided ongoing opportunities to learn new skills, hear from industry experts, participate in a variety of creative, STEAM-based activities and attend a variety of workshops and expos that foster imagination, creativity and teamwork. It was an amazing experience for all!

Lynwood’s DI team had placed second in regional qualifying from the New York event in April.

This team chose to solve the Fine Arts Challenge called Vanished. For this challenge the team needed to:
•    Research the meanings, roles and uses of the team selected color.
•    Present a story about how the disappearance of a single color changes a world.
•    Create a colorful character that causes or is affected by the color’s disappearance.
•    Use technical theatre methods to create a vanishing act that makes something disappear.
•    Create and present two Team Choice Elements that show off the team’s interests, skills, areas of strength and talents.

In addition, during each tournament teams are required to complete an Instant Challenge.  An Instant Challenge requires students to work as a team to solve a timed challenge.  The students have no knowledge of the challenge prior to its start.  The students must take on various roles such as leader, builder, and time keeper in order to successfully complete the challenge. This requires a great deal of teamwork, cooperation and quick thinking.  The Instant Challenge score is combined with the Main Challenge score to determine team ranking.

The following is a synopsis of the team’s story: It is your typical day in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.  Coral swaying, fish swimming…all is calm.  A reporter from DI News brings us an in-depth look at life under the sea.  Little does she know that she is going to witness a friendly fish named Scarlet help rescue her friend, Crimson Carl the Coral from his most feared predator, the Crown of Thorns.

Team manager Cathy Dulovic on the experience: “As a team manager, it was amazing to witness the overall growth I saw in these students throughout the Destination Imagination process.  With focus on the 4Cs – communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity, the students work diligently and effectively to solve their challenge by thinking “outside the box”.  The vision of DI is “To teach students the creative process and empower them with the skills needed to succeed in an ever-changing world.”  I feel this experience has given these students the confidence, drive and skills to be successful in all that they do.  It has also provided them with an understanding that there is more than one way to solve a challenge.  I am so proud of the leaders that they have become!”


Watch a roundtable discussion from Lynwood Elementary about the student experience for the Destination Imagination team that recently competed at the DI Global championships in Tennessee!

These students have studied, researched and executed on S.T.E.A.M. initiatives at a very high level and they should be proud of their efforts. We are so honored that they have represented Sachem at a global level!

Sachem Robotics Honored by Town of Brookhaven

Sachem Robotics Honored by Town of Brookhaven Photo
The Sachem Robotics team was recognized and honored by the Town of Brookhaven on Thursday, May 25.

Team Aftershock 263 put in another incredibly successful season this year, winning a Long Island regional title and competing in the national championships in St. Louis.

Sachem Students Share Stories, Honored By Board of Education

Sachem Students Share Stories, Honored By Board of Education Photo
Students across Sachem Central School District shared their stories for Disability Awareness Day in May.

A select group of students from Sachem North shared their experiences during the Sachem Board of Education meeting on Wednesday, May 24.

To see photos and videos from the meeting, follow us on

Sachem East Student Honored for Building Culture Bridges

Sachem East Student Honored for Building Culture Bridges Photo
Congratulations to Sachem East’s Imad Chaudhry on being selected to receive the Students Building Bridges Award from the Jewish Community Relations Council of Long Island.

Imad was publicly honored for his efforts in building bridges across communities and creating a more civil society at Suffolk County’s Holocaust Remembrance Day program at Suffolk County Community College.
Imad was recognized with a citation from an elected official and a certificate from the Jewish Community Relations Council of Long Island.

Merrimac Elementary Hosts ALS Ride for Life

Click here to read the article.

Join Cub Scout Pack 272

Click here to view the Cub Scouts flyer

Lighthouse Mission Food Drive


Sports Physicals

physicals image
Sports physicals will start at the end of May to the beginning of June. Click here to view the Health and Athletics page.

Top 10

Top 10 Image
Sachem will hold its graduations at Sachem East on June 23 (6 p.m.) and Sachem North on June 24 (9 a.m.) and we will graduate more than 1,000 students. 

It’s always special to recognize the Top 10 of our graduating classes at both high schools, so here is a look at where these talented students will study during the next chapter of their lives.

Top 10 Sachem East Class of 2017
1. Sophie Hannigan
, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
2. Alice Tsai, Hunter College
3. Christopher Mingo, Columbia University
4. Daniel Ivanov, New York University
5. Tiffany Ly, Cornell University
6. Victor Guan, Princeton University
7. Tyler Murray, Binghamton University
8. Robert Gansrow, United States Air Force Academy
9. Ariana Eng, Rochester Institute of Technology
10. Matthew Davison, Stony Brook University

Top 10 Sachem North Class of 2017
1. Erin Maryzek
, Northeastern University
2. Claire Ramirez, Cornell University
3. Rachel Loyst, St. Lawrence University
4. Abigail Rathmann, Colgate University
5. Samantha Sommers, United States Air Force Academy
6. Marissa Volkman, Colgate University
7. Kaitlyn Baudille, SUNY New Paltz
8.  Josh Prentice, Stony Brook University
9. Liam Donohue, Embry Riddle University, Air Force ROTC
10.  Ariana Garcia-Cassani, Cornell University

Congratulations to all and thanks for making Sachem proud in all that you do!

Sachem Hosts Inaugural Hall of Honor Induction

Photo of Hall of Honor Inductees
Sachem Hosts Inaugural Hall of Honor Induction

Sachem Hosts Inaugural Hall of Honor Induction

The inaugural class of Sachem’s Hall of Honor was formally inducted at a ceremony at Sachem High School North on Saturday, April 1.

The inductees included:

-Dr. John Cassese ’60, educational administrator
-Stephen Costello ‘79, business executive and author
-Alexander Diguardia ‘65, U.S. Army soldier who died in Vietnam
-Kirk Lloyd Douglas ‘90, musician
-Jerry Figgiani ‘78, martial arts instructor, motivational speaker, author
-Bob Greifeld ‘75, business executive
-Dr. John Heymach ‘85, doctor leading the fight against cancer
-Lori Ann LaRocco ‘89: television producer and author
-Tim Latham ‘84: Grammy-winning music producer
-Steve Levy ‘77: politician

On Friday, many of the inductees joined students for mentor sessions to share stories about their career and about their time at Sachem.

The Hall of Honor is a project run by the newly formed Sachem Alumni Association. Learn more at

Sachem Robotics wins SBPLI Long Island Regional, Headed to World Championships

Photo of Sachem Robotics Team Members
Sachem Robotics wins SBPLI Long Island Regional, Headed to World Championships

Sachem Robotics wins SBPLI Long Island Regional, Headed to World Championships


Sachem Aftershock Team 263 won the SBPLI Long Island Regional for the second year in a row!

Sachem has qualified for the World Championships in St. Louis, which take place in late April. The FIRST Robotics Long Island Regional Competition (FRC), hosted by SBPLI, is held annually in the spring at Hofstra University.

The competition brings together teams of students and their mentors from roughly 50 Long Island schools, schools from the Metropolitan area as well as visiting teams from around the country and abroad.

The competition includes two short games played by the robots, where the students program and remotely control them in competition rounds on the playing field.

2017-2018 District Calendar Summary

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