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Students Get a Taste of Books and Cultures

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Waverly Elementary School recently held a cultural book tasting during library and music classes to celebrate the many cultures in Sachem and around the world. Students of all grade levels had the opportunity to learn about different languages, traditions and music while rotating through different stations.

Students started out at a book-tasting station, where they explored stories written in different languages, alongside English translations. After sampling different books, they filled out a tasting review and discussed the books with their classmates.

Next, they visited a Lego station provided by the Sachem Public Library. Students were given photos of flags from countries around the globe and tasked with replicating them using Legos.

Finally, the music station taught them about popular sounds and songs of different countries and cultures. Students in the Waverly ukulele club even got to perform “One Love” while learning about Jamaican music.

Waverly Elementary School partnered with the Sachem Public Library and its PTA to bring the event to life.

Click here to view the photo slideshow.

Date Added: 1/31/2024