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Bike Programs Pedals into Lynwood

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Fundraising efforts at Lynwood Avenue Elementary School have pedaled a new bicycle riding program into reality. Physical education teacher Matthew Golini spearheaded the efforts to bring the All Kids Bike program to Lynwood, with the goal of teaching every kindergarten student to ride a bicycle during their physical education classes. Thanks to community donations and the efforts of the fundraising committee leaders – Mrs. Cortina, Ms. DiAngelis, Mrs. Konik, Mrs. Mieczkowski, Ms. Perez, Mrs. Rodriguez and Mrs. Satterfield – the school is now equipped with a fleet of bikes, helmets and pedal kits.

Since November, Mr. Golini’s physical education classes have been progressing in the areas of balance, gliding and ultimately pedaling. They have been developing their skills through practice and different challenges in the gymnasium. While riding a bicycle is one of life’s big milestones, it also provides a positive influence on a child’s brain development.

The program promotes balance, gross motor skills and coordination. Additionally, it has provided kindergartners with independence, confidence and physical and mental strength. Students have learned resiliency and are excited to take this early step in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The kindergartners at Lynwood Avenue Elementary School are well on their way to earning their “I Can Ride a Bike” certificates. They are looking forward to pedaling on pavement this spring when the weather warms up.

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Date Added: 1/10/2024