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Celebrating Thanksgiving in Sachem

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Students across the Sachem Central School District celebrated the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday with hands-on activities, parades, performances and service projects. These authentic learning experiences got students excited about Thanksgiving while teaching them about its history and traditions.

Students at Lynwood Avenue Elementary School said, “Move over Macy’s!” as they held their own Thanksgiving parade on Nov. 21. Fourth and fifth graders paraded the hallways with handheld balloons and creative floats. The students followed a parade route which first took them into the gymnasium filled with an audience of kindergarten, first and second grade students. Next, they marched to the second “grandstand” in the cafeteria where third graders and special guests including district administrators looked on. For the first time this year, the High School East pep band and Sagamore Middle School Arrowettes joined the elementary school students for performances.

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Similarly, Hiawatha Elementary School held a Thanksgiving parade for its kindergarten students. They dressed in costume following class themes as they marched outside the building in front of friends and family.

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Second graders at Wenonah Elementary School performed a play that highlighted the history and origins of Thanksgiving. Students incorporated several Disney songs into their performance in front of their families.

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Tamarac Elementary School kindergarten students participated in a Thanksgiving Adventure event. They explored different aspects of Native American and pilgrim culture through hands-on STEAM projects including a Mayflower Challenge where they had to create a boat with aluminum foil, log cabin and teepee building, and a turkey-themed problem-solving activity.

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Date Added: 11/21/2023