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PARP Celebrations

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Across the district, buildings are celebrating PARP, or Pick a Reading Partner. This year’s PARP theme at Hiawatha Elementary School was “Chill Out and Read!” Collectively, Hiawatha students read 70,313 minutes during a two-week span. Mrs. Smith’s class had the highest percentage of readers and as a result had the opportunity to pie the principal. Principal Joseph Watson dressed as a penguin to match this year’s theme and “got pied” in front of the entire school.

At Wenonah Elementary School, PARP kicked off with a fun-filled show from the Harlem Wizards. At the end of the PARP program, the basketball-themed celebration continued with an outdoor basketball game featuring teams of Wenonah teachers.

Click here to view the Hiwatha PARP slideshow.

Click here to view the Wenonah PARP slideshow.

Date Added: 4/6/2023