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Sachem High School East Celebrates Class of 2022

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On Thursday, June 23, the Sachem High School East Class of 2022 proudly marched out of the building for the last time to “Pomp and Circumstance,” met with cheers and applause from a crowd made up of friends, family and distinguished guests. Graduates created a sea of red caps and gowns on the football field, as they celebrated their achievements while looking ahead to the future.

The annual commencement ceremony began with the Pledge of Allegiance, led by the graduates who will be entering the armed services. It was followed by the performance of “The Star-Spangled Banner” from the senior chorale.

High School East Principal Louis Antonetti gave up his opportunity to speak to allow a graduating senior to address the class. Earlier this school year, Jamie Anello voiced her positive opinion of Sachem High School East to administration in an email, which left a lasting impression. She was asked to speak at graduation and followed the theme, “It takes a village.”

“I can wholeheartedly say the teachers who have crossed my path during my time here are the reason why I’m still going in the right direction,” Anello said. “I was privileged to have numerous teachers who have touched my life beyond anything that can be learned in a textbook. They care about their students’ lives beyond the four walls of their classrooms. It means a lot to know someone is listening, and when a teacher shows that they care, students feel less alone.”

Following Anello’s speech, the academic leaders of the class were called up to the podium to receive a medal. Salutatorian Michaela Barresi was acknowledged for her achievements inside and outside the classroom, and valedictorian Antonia Pavek addressed her peers, encouraging them to embrace change.

“Today is a momentous checkpoint in our lives,” she said. “Today we must change, as we grow and transition into the people we want to become.”

Class president Yousuf Suleman delivered a speech that reflected on the challenges the Class of 2022 overcame. He noted how the class came together to persevere, and reassured graduates that they are not alone.

“The past 13 years have provided you with the skills you need to create your own success,” he said. “Rely on those around you. The road to success does not need to be a lonely one.”

As remarks concluded, Mr. Antonetti was joined by the Board of Education and District administration to hand the seniors their diplomas. Once the class was confirmed, the seniors turned their tassels and threw their caps in the air, marking the end of their high school careers.

Date Added: 6/27/2022