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Lynwood Destination Imagination Team Places Fourth Globally

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Lynwood Avenue Elementary School placed fourth in the world at the Destination Imagination Global Finals! The Lynwood team previously placed first in New York for the elementary level, earning them the trip to the Global Finals in Kansas City, Missouri, from May 21-24.

Destination Imagination challenges teams of students to work together to solve open-ended STEAM challenges designed to teach the creative process. Through this, students explore their passions, discover their unique talents and abilities, step out of their comfort zones and learn new skills. Lynwood chose to compete in the Fine Arts challenge this year, creating a skit based on Greek mythology and focused on the theme, “If one person has too much power, it can cause destruction.”

The challenge requires the skit to have a costume transformation, an illusion and a trickster, or someone who overcomes a tricky situation. The team created its own songs, and even incorporated a magical tree that acts based on its surroundings to wow the judges.

All seven team members – Aarya, Bella, Charlotte, Cristina, Jack, Shrey and Sofia – played an important role in the skit, whether it was acting, writing the script, making costumes, designing props or singing.

Not only did Lynwood come in fourth place for the Fine Arts challenge, the team won first place in the Instant Challenge, which is a timed, creative and critical-thinking exercise that builds teamwork. This year, the team had limited materials to build a bridge in five minutes. Additionally, Lynwood earned the Renaissance Award for their excellent understanding of the Instant Challenge.

Notably, Lynwood was the only team from Long Island competing in the Global Finals and only one of nine teams from New York. The team was chosen to carry the New York flag for the opening ceremony, where teams from around the world gathered.

“It was such an honor to be representing New York and competing against kids from everywhere,” Jack said. “It was so fun to compete against everyone and to come in fourth place, for the specific thing that we did was just awesome.”

Destination Imagination provided students with a number of skills, including creative thinking, public speaking and problem-solving, along with memories that will last a lifetime. The District congratulates the Lynwood team on its success!

Date Added: 6/9/2022