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Teddy Bear Clinic Teaches First Aid

Nokomis Elementary School kindergartners wearing hairnets thumbnail244614

Nokomis Elementary School kindergartners took care of their own stuffed animals during the “Teddy Bear Clinic” presented by Stony Brook Children’s Hospital. Stony Brook nurses and nursing students visited the classrooms to teach students about personal safety. They covered several topics including safety in the car, helmet safety, preventing the spread of germs and basic first aid.

The kindergartners then dressed as doctors and nurses to apply what they learned and took care of their stuffed animals. They evaluated the patients to see what was wrong, provided first aid and shared ideas of how to stay safe in the future. The “mini medical professionals” even had to write up doctor’s orders for their stuffed friends, such as prescribing hugs to make them feel better.

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Date Added: 4/3/2023