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Fourth Graders Dive into Native American Life

Chippewa Elementary School Students in Lobby thumbnail240466

Chippewa Elementary School recently hosted the Journeys Into American Indian Territory for its fourth grade students. The program brings an authentic Native American experience to schools through workshops, exhibitions and interactive experiences.

Throughout the in-house field trip, fourth graders explored all aspects of Native American life. They interacted with artifacts during a museum presentation, played traditional games and listened to stories from the Native American culture, made clay bowls and participated in a workshop focusing on the Haudenosaunee government.

During the workshop, students learned about how laws were made, how leaders were elected to their roles and how voting worked. They were then separated into groups and were given a problem to which they had to agree on a solution to. Students were also asked to vote on a leader from their class.

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Date Added: 1/26/2023