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Inside Look at Suffolk County Court System

People standing outside the John P Cohalan Jr Court Complex thumbnail240182
People standing outside the John P Cohalan Jr Court Complex thumbnail240183
People inside of a court room thumbnail240184
People inside of a court room thumbnail240185
Students during a tour of the courthouse thumbnail240186
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Sachem High School East’s business law students gained a firsthand look at the Suffolk County court system during a guided tour of the John P. Cohalan, Jr. Court Complex in Central Islip. Students saw inside the courtroom and developed an understanding of the key players including the prosecutor, defense attorney, judge, jurors, court clerk and court officers. Students were able to view the sheriff’s lock-up, holding cells in between the courtrooms and were personally addressed by the judge before arraignments began.

Students gained a full educational experience during the trip through observing criminal arraignments, which provide the accused with a formal reading of the charges. Students witnessed defendants entering a plea and learned about bail or release determinations and appointment of counsel during this initial appearance before the court. 

The trip gave students the opportunity to learn about the different careers and positions there are in the courthouse, as well as information about civil service exams and career pathways.

Date Added: 1/19/2023