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BMX Stunt Show ‘Hits the Brakes’ on Bullying

BMX Rider doing a stunt in front of students thumbnail228522

Grundy Avenue Elementary School students had a front row seat to a BMX stunt show on Oct. 12. The Dialed Action Sports Team visited the building for an entertaining show that spread positive messages throughout.

As the team performed a number of bike tricks that wowed students and staff, they sprinkled in antibullying messaging. Students were encouraged to treat others with kindness, respect and support. The Dialed Action Sports Team explained how they got their opportunities because of their display of compassion and respect and reinforced to students that kindness will help them go far in life.

In addition to the antibullying messages, the team taught students about bike safety. They discussed the equipment they wear while riding and explained that safety is their priority.

Students were excited to watch a number of tricks and flips performed by the team. The BMX riders even jumped over teachers and Principal Tom Lipani with their bikes, drawing cheers from the crowd!

Date Added: 10/17/2022