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Kevin Kelly Memorial Garden

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Members of the Grundy Avenue Elementary School community came together to officially reopen the rejuvenated Kevin Kelly Memorial Garden on July 13. The garden was created years ago in honor of late Grundy Avenue teacher Kevin Kelly. It was meant to reflect his interest in science and the outdoors. Just this year, the garden was made into a monarch waystation, a space that provides milkweeds, nectar plants and shelter for monarchs throughout their annual cycle of reproduction and migration.

Grundy teachers and co-coordinators of the school garden club, Donna Sherwood and Angela Coffaro, led a ceremony to thank all those who contributed to the new space. It was a true community effort that involved nearly 40 students, custodians, Girl Scouts, faculty members, the PTA and secretaries. Mr. Kelly’s family was present at the ceremony to cut the ribbon and officially open the refreshed garden.

The Grundy Avenue garden club made this project its goal for the past school year. Students and staff were grateful for the opportunity to bring this space back to life and give back to the Grundy school community, as well as Mr. Kelly’s family.

Date Added: 7/14/2022