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Beautifying Tamarac’s Courtyard

Two pictures of Tamarac Elementary Students outside thumbnail219092
Tamarac Elementary Students outside thumbnail219093
Tamarac Elementary Students outside thumbnail219094
Tamarac Elementary Students outside thumbnail219095
Classes at Tamarac Elementary School are working together to clean up the school grounds. Mrs. Devine’s fourth grade students recently joined forces with Ms. Stack’s first graders to plant a sensory garden. Meanwhile, Mrs. Monaco’s third grade class cleaned up the building’s courtyard.

The sensory garden idea came about during Autism Acceptance Month. Mrs. Devine and Ms. Stack’s classes were looking for different hands-on activities to promote awareness. First, students worked closely with Mrs. Monaco’s third grade classes to clean up the courtyard. The third graders trimmed tree branches and bushes, raked leaves, placed rocks and prepared the soil. The finished product was a beautiful reading garden that gives all Tamarac students the opportunity to enjoy outdoor learning time.

Once the soil was prepared for the sensory garden, Mrs. Devine and Ms. Stack’s classes planted seeds. The garden is designed to provide a calming space for students that stimulate the senses with different textures, scents, sounds and colors. For example, the classes planted grasses, lilacs, lavender, basil, sunflowers, blueberries and raspberries. Students have enjoyed exploring their surroundings at the garden and learning about new things!

Date Added: 6/17/2022