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Hatching Classroom Chicks and Ducklings

Students holding the ducklings they hatched thumbnail218830
Ducklings in a box thumbnail218831
Students outside and sitting while holding ducklings thumbnail218832
Students outside around a wading pool with ducklings thumbnail218833
Two students smiling at the camera thumbnail218834
Students at Tamarac Elementary School are engaging in an authentic lesson to learn about the life cycles of chicks and ducklings. Third graders in Ms. Monaco’s class collaborated with Ms. Hagerman’s first graders to hatch chicks and ducklings in their classrooms.

During science, third graders read a book about birds with their first grade book buddies. As a surprise, Ms. Monaco and Ms. Hagerman brought egg incubators into the classroom. Students made observations as the eggs turned in the incubator. They were able to candle the eggs to see the development of the chicks and ducklings. After 21 days in the classroom, the eggs began to hatch. Students were excited to observe the birds grow and interact with them. The experience provided students with an exciting and engaging way to learn about science.

Date Added: 6/13/2022