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Sustainable Reinvestment Plan Revitalizes Districtwide Infrastructure

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Over the past several years the Sachem Central School District has made exponential strides to improve the infrastructure across the district’s school buildings, athletic fields and surrounding property through a sustainable reinvestment strategy.

Through the implementation of this progressive plan, the district is able to complete necessary health and safety projects without having to pierce the tax levy cap. Such projects have included roof replacements and renewal of the aging bus fleet as priority items.

With this model of budgeting for capital projects, the district has seen great success and completed self-funded capital projects through budget appropriations and reserves totaling $35,166,722 with no borrowing or interest costs. Projects completed as part of this included the purchase of 30 large buses, the replacement of turf athletic fields at High School East and North, the running tracks at Sagamore Middle School and High School East, new lockers at High School North and Sagamore and Seneca Middle Schools, and a wide-variety of projects throughout the district to ensure our facilities adhere to Americans with Disabilities Act, Office of Civil Rights and EPA compliance.