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Merrimac Elementary Curates Collection of Creations for Future Students

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Students and staff at Merrimac Elementary School viewed a showcase filled with items from the school’s history from a time capsule left by Merrimac students in 1989. They then closed the time capsule with new items from current Merrimac students.

As part of the display, students were able to view the past items as well as the work of their peers that is going to be placed in the time capsule. It will be sealed and returned to its place for future Merrimac students to open.

Among the work included from current students are projects from each grade level, such as detailed reports sharing important events which happened in recent time, current trends, things students of today like to do, how this year was different due to the challenges presented during the COVID-19 pandemic, favorite memories of Merrimac students and “We Get To” activities in honor of Matthew “Dezy” DiStefano who tragically lost his battle with cancer in January of 2020.