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Real Data Sheds Light on Unique Learning Experience

Real Data Sheds Light on Unique Learning Experience photo thumbnail165227

The use of real data provided a valuable learning opportunity for sophomore and junior Algebra II students at Sachem High School North during a mortgage consultation event that served as the culmination of a project-based learning lesson. 

Students in Wendy Parente’s, Christopher Russo’s and Richard Schaentzler’s Algebra II classes recently hosted a mortgage consultation event where over 200 students worked with real data to calculate mortgage information for their clients. Family, administrators and staff served as clients and provided practice data for the project. Prior to their consultations with clients, students attended an informational seminar with mortgage expert Tom Sullivan from Evolve Bank & Trust in which they further explored the complex calculations. 

During the project, students reviewed the current mortgage status of the clients and evaluated it to determine whether refinancing was or was not a beneficial option. At the conclusion of the project, students met with their clients and shared the information they had found. 

The authentic learning experience served as a hands-on practical application of curriculum concepts and empowered students with knowledge to make responsible financial decisions in the future.