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Ten Commandments of School
Food Service Professionals


  1. THE STUDENT - is the most important person in our business.
  2. THE STUDENT - is not dependent on us, we are dependent on him.
  3. THE STUDENT - is not an interruption of our work, he is the purpose of it.
  4. THE STUDENT - does us a favor when he calls, we are not doing him a favor by serving him.
  5. THE STUDENT - is part of our business, not an outsider.
  6. THE STUDENT - is not a cold statistic, he is a flesh and blood human being with feelings and emotions like yours and mine.
  7. THE STUDENT - is not someone to argue or match wits with, to belittle or snub, but is someone welcomed warmly and graciously.
  8. THE STUDENT - is a person who brings us his wants, it is our job to fill those wants.
  9. THE STUDENT - is deserving of the most courteous and attentive treatment we can give him.
  10. THE STUDENT - is the life blood of our business, just as you are.