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Sagamore Middle School



Mrs. LisaMarie Johnson

(631) 696-8600 ext. 3907

Assistant Principal

Mr. Ralph Carusillo

(631) 696-8600 ext. 3908

Assistant Principal

Mr. Matthew Perlongo

(631) 696-8600  ext. 3906

Manners Matter - Practicing Good Manners Will Make a Difference!

  • Stay to the right! Whether walking in the halls or making a decision, always remember to stay to the RIGHT.
  • Be polite! Words like please, thank you, and excuse me and practicing good listening techniques and patience are all good habits to develop.
  • Keep it clean! The building and cafeteria were clean when you got here, please pick up after yourselves.
  • Lock it, don’t lose it! If it is valuable or irreplaceable, please do not bring it to school.
  • Watch your website! We urge you to keep your websites clean (i.e., Instagram, blogs, Snap-Chat, etc.)  Problems that begin in cyberspace but disrupt our learning environment will be punishable by appropriate detention and/or suspension.  These will become part of your permanent discipline record.
  • Dress for success! Any clothing that is too revealing or distasteful in any way is not acceptable.  Please remember it is not the beach or a party.  School is where you go to learn.
  • Nothing but nice! Criticisms and comments do not have to be nasty. If your comments or criticisms are not constructive, please keep them to yourself until you have figured out a way to say them in a positive way.
  • Enhance your transcript every day! Your transcript is a reflection of your ability and work ethic.  Please work hard to get good grades!! 
  • Attendance counts! Attendance is a reflection of your work ethic!
  • Hug your parents! Be sure to speak to the adults in your life who are there to support you, whether it is a parent, grandparent, teacher, friend or neighbor.